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About Krystal

Krystal is a mum of three who’s life resembles Lord of the Flies- just without the island. In between changing her hairstyle and managing her One Teaspoon addiction she loves to share her crazy life on the blog (usually while drinking wine!) Check out her blog at

Parenting is…

parenting isParenting is a lot of things: hard, frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, happy, depressing, disgusting; and everything in between. Our children fill us with pride, make us cry and question our authority to parent. There are highs and lows, plenty of wine and more tears than I’d like to disclose.

But parenting is….

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One of ‘Those’ Kids


You know ‘that’ kid…  The rough one. The naughty one. The one you move your child away from at the park? Yeah, he’s mine.

He cares not, nor does he judge… Unlike some parents. 

Because apparently, when my son goes mental, I am a bad parent. Obviously we are one, therefore I am also mental. 

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20 things your husband should do for you

20 Things

I saw an article this week called ’20 things you should be doing for hubby on a regular basis’. You know those ones that are like ‘don’t talk about him behind his back’, ‘let him do his hobbies’ and ‘go get him tampons when he has man flu’, ya know, that stuff. I haven’t really come across one of the opposite agenda so, I decided to write my own….

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Out of the (potty) mouths of babes!


Out of the (potty) mouths of babes

Today you get to hear some very beautiful words from the mouths of babes (aka my darling spawns of satan). Yes, I do absolutely everything for them, wipe the shit from their butt holes, kiss their boo-boos and I kill the monsters under their bed EVERY DAMN NIGHT. It’s a tough job, I love it and someone has to do it.

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