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Olivia is a thirty-something British mum of two, living in Melbourne. Having moved all over the world, she is a lifelong ‘expat’, and thoroughly enjoys the adventures that come with a fairly nomadic life overseas. Follow her family’s journey and share their current exploration of Australia at

Yes, I do need another slummy mummy in my Facebook feed!!

So… you want to be a ‘Mummy blogger’? Or an Instagram Mum!!!! You think your experience is something worth writing about, and you think you can do it 100 times better than fat Sally from down the road who already has 37,000 followers on Instagram and her own YouTube channel!!! Now, the Daily Mail would have you believe that we don’t need another ‘slummy mummy’ in our lives and that it’s perhaps shameful to be locking yourself in the pantry and downing G&T at lunchtime whilst the kids fend for themselves! But, let me tell you wannabe slummy mummy, parents need you, and in my humble opinion, the more the merrier!!!

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