Road Test: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

We review a fair few prams over here at Stuff Mums Like (I may have a bit of a thing for prams- even though I no longer have a baby!). This time, we got to test out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. I recruited my friend Kate and her beautiful baby boy Carter so that she could give me the low down. She used to work at MotherCare so she’s had a lot of experience with prams and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT was always one of her favourites.

First up- the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a compact pram. It’s the little brother of the more robust City Select. It’s designed for people that don’t have a massive amount of room in their car (or their life) and want an easy to use pram that works well for urban life.

Folding and Braking

The pram is very light- it only weighs 7.55kg and it’s easy to carry in one hand. The biggest highlights of the City Mini are its folding system and it’s brakes. The City Mini folds one handed with no clips or other bits that you need to mess around with. The folding handle is on the seat and all you do is grab it and the whole pram folds in half in a second.


The other standout feature that sets it apart from other prams is the braking system. This is the first pram I’ve used that has the brakes on the frame near the handles for easy reach. At first, I couldn’t work out how to make it brake as there are no foot brakes. Kate had to patiently show me- I love it! Any mum who has tried to take resistant brakes off while wearing thongs in the summer will know where I’m coming from. It’s so easy just to reach to the side and flip them on and off. All prams should have this- foot brakes are old school!


Handling and Appearance

The pram handles well on grass as well as the road. It’s a three-wheeler, so like with all three-wheelers you need to go off any kerbs backwards because you get the front wheel wobble otherwise!

The downsides for me are mainly cosmetic rather than functional. The basket isn’t really big, but given it’s a compact pram that’s to be expected. I would also like to see a bigger colour selection- the colours available are a bit boring for me. One other thing that’s probably worth mentioning is that as it’s a compact pram the seat isn’t as roomy as with bigger prams. This might be a problem if you breed big babies as it might not last as long as some other prams.

The hood has great coverage that keeps the sun off really well. It also has two windows to peep in on. The 5 point harness is easy to use and the seat is easy to adjust. it feels really smooth to push and turn and you can do it one handed with no problem.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Some basic specs for you- you can use a car seat or a bassinet in the pram but the pram itself can be used from newborn with no need to purchase anything else. You can also purchase a carry bag for travel, a cup holder or caddy and various covers.

Overall I really liked this pram- especially the folding ease and the brake. It was smooth and easy to use and it’s definitely one I’d recommend if you are looking for a compact pram.

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