Baby Name Genius App Review

How did you pick your baby name? Did you have one you chose forever ago? Did you and your partner lie in bed at night going over a hundred names that you can’t agree on? Did you hear a name on a movie and know instantly that it was perfect?

Or like me (that’s another story) did you just give up and let your partner pick and later regret it?

I have just tried out the “Baby Names” app from Baby Genius and I am excited to tell you about it!

The Baby Name Genius app is an interactive app that has endless suggestions of names that include popular, different and even ancient names. It shares with you the meaning of the name and the origin where it’s from. You get to vote if you like the suggestion or not and it stores your likes and dislikes to pick out trends in names that may suit your tastes. No excuses for baby brain with this app keeping a log of your likes and dislikes.


Also available is THOUSANDS of names in A-Z for boys and girls listed for you to scroll through in a more traditional style.


For extra fun there is an added celebrity daily update which tells you their name and what day they where born on… Just in case you need extra inspiration.


I have to admit this app is very addictive. Each time I went to use it I find myself sitting for 20 minutes working through the name suggestions and reading the meanings. It’s a great resource with endless suggestions and a fun way you can pick a name.

Overall results:
Very easy to set up and navigate.
Easy to use and lots of fun – 10/10!

The Baby Name Genius app from Baby Genius is available FREE on iTunes. You can upgrade for $2.49 to the baby name genius premium app which is add free.
Download the free version from iTunes:Baby Names‼ by Sevenlogics, Inc.

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  1. Ultimate Pillows

    Some of my younger friends have started to use online dating websites. To my parents dismay, this is something totally alien and ‘untraditional’ to meet a guy. My feeling is that we live in 2015, the 21 century. Technology is assisting us is all walks of life. The same goes with a very cool baby name app just like this one. Sometimes a name just sounds great but you have no idea what it means or where it comes from. I’ve tried this app out and I rate it 10 out of 10! I love how the app learns what names you like and don’t like.


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