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Let’s face it, our little bundles of joy don’t come with a manual and mostly from the day they are born we are winging it.

Searching for answers to our questions about sleep/play/food for our children can be so time consuming in the big wide world of Google and millions of baby books and parenting websites.

Luckily now, with our smartphones we can have helpful information to guide us with the click of an app button.

The Baby Sleep Guide App is easy to navigate with a simple layout – perfect for quick tips to help (and easy to use in the wee hours of the morning when your babe won’t settle).

Baby Sleep Guide

It has broken down categories you can quickly turn to which are appropriate for the age of your child.

Each category gives you tips, then an example and finally a recap for optimal understanding and guidance.

Baby Sleep Guide

The advice isn’t pushy (us mums don’t like being told what to do!) but rather helpful facts and ideas that you can apply to your child’s routine and see what works for you!

Baby Sleep Guide

There is also a Useful links tab which includes valuable information about SIDS and specific products tried, tested and recommended for your child’s diet and products recommended for wind and colic.

My daughter is now almost 5, and I have downloaded my fair share of apps in the past, I only wish this one had have been out when she was a tiny tot!

Download the Baby Sleep Guide App from the Apple App Store to get some great tips on getting your little one back to sleep today! 

Baby Sleep Guide

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