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Back to School

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So I have a confession… I’m a total stationery nerd. I’m obsessed with pretty notebooks and pens and I buy a diary every year even though I work entirely digitally and never remember to use it! It’s all just so pretty. Stationery in this house ranks with Tupperware- I want more and my husband keeps trying to get rid of it! I LOVE back to school stationery shopping. It gives me a reason to look at all the pretty things available. So when Target asked me to check out their back to school range and pick my favourites to show you guys I was all over it! #mumslovestationery

The feature pic at the top is my absolute favourite. I will admit to ditching the stuff for the kids and getting a load of this range for myself. It’s just gorgeous. Mint and gold is my new favourite colour combo and I’m trying to bring it into my house in stages so hubby doesn’t realise I’m redecorating.

However there is also a load of stuff for the kids as well lol! Lets check out the lunch boxes first…

Here’s some of my favourite lunch boxes they had at my local Target. There is a big fruit theme this year and I’m loving the watermelon lunch box! Target also has licensed lunch boxes and they are also offering two different variations of their $10 lunch box pack, which comes with a drink bottle and a food container as well. Being only $10 it’s great if you’re on a budget.

back to school lunchboxes back to school lunch boxes

Continuing the fruit theme into the stationery are these super cute note books, pencils and accessories. And who doesn’t want a banana pencil case?!! They are all well priced too, with the note books only being $4-$5.

More cute fruit! For the older kids you can have a tropical theme without too much actual fruit. I’m loving the watermelon pencil case though. This year the watermelon is to decor what the pineapple was last year. The large spiral bound books are $4 and if you have a high schooler like me you’ll need 6-7 of these, as well as a ring binder and loose leaf paper.

back to school stationery

If you have a little one starting school this year then this was my FAVOURITE range. The penguin pencil case is beyond adorable and I just love the whole animal theming. If Tully was starting school this year I would be loading her up with these. Love, love, love!

back to school stationery

So these are some of my faves but there is so much more- Target also offers school shoes, uniform essentials from $2, school bags and everything else you need. To get your back to school shopping done visit

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  1. Seana Smith

    Hello! I know what you mean about loving paper stationary. I do always use a nice notebook myself for my daily To Do lists… but my daughter is the one who uses the most stationary. I love this back to school time of year as I get to stock up for myself as well as the kids. Lovely stuff there from target.


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