#BeautyHack Eyelash Extensions: Lashes By Samantha

Lashes By Samantha

I’ve been following the whole eyelash extension trend with some interest for quite some time, but was always a little turned off by the horror stories – like when people’s eyes end up burning and itching or their lashes all stick together. EEPPPP! I have enough on my plate people – I don’t need to pay someone my hard earned dollars to end up having swollen, itchy sticky eyes – no thanks!

But then one day, as though the beauty gods shone their #beautyhack light on me when I was compiling my list for the ‘Look After Yourself’ Challenge, I came across the @lashesbysamantha Instagram page, and I was converted! I HAD to make this happen. I mean seriously – who wouldn’t be won over by the promise of never having to worry about mascara and loads of makeup again! (Just between you and me – I am not exactly gifted when it comes to applying makeup – so I was counting on this to save me the hassle!).

I’m not going to lie, this was my first beauty treatment in like 3 years. I was freaking out a little. I felt like a beauty treatment virgin. I didn’t know what to expect.

When I arrived at my appointment I was pleasantly surprised to be lead into a gorgeous welcoming home that was warm and inviting (and smelled AMAZING – more on that later!). Sam’s beauty room was gorgeously furnished and set up like a day spa with candles burning and warm fluffy throw rugs. #bliss

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Sam made sure I was well informed throughout the whole process, she explained that she attaches one extension to each individual lash which is why it takes just over an hour, she gave me a choice of what length I’d like and how dramatic a look I wanted to create, and from there it was an hour and a half of having a great chat, snuggling on a comfy bed, crushing on the Adairs Pomegranate Candle burning beside me, listening to some great tunes and waiting to be transformed.

Lashes By Samantha

Now I’m not one to look in the mirror or take selfies very often, but I am LOVING my new lashes! They are AMAZEBALLS! I really do not know how I survived without them in my life! I will never have to worry about mascara again. It even creates the illusion that I am wearing makeup on my face. #score

They are so well applied that I can’t tell they are there, and I chose the medium length which is quite long compared to my natural lashes but they still look super natural. I also have sensitive skin and I did not have a reaction at all. Honestly, if I didn’t look in the mirror every five seconds because I am so in love with them I would not even know they are there.

Lashes By Samantha

Sam also provided me with detailed after care information, as well as tips on how to make them last as long as possible. She explained the loss cycle of your eyelashes and that most people need infills every 3 – 4 weeks.

It is evident that Sam absolutely loves her work and she really cares about each individual client and truly enjoys making a difference in their lives.

Not only did I walk out of Lashes By Samantha with amazing eyelashes, but I walked out well rested, rejuvenated, with a renewed love for all things Adairs, a list of playlists to look up on Spotify (hello Period Anthems!), and I got to meet the beautiful Sam!

So peeps, for those in South Australia (or those from interstate paying us a visit) who are interested in trying Eyelash Extensions, you need to try the Lashes By Samantha experience, because it truly is much more than just a beauty treatment/service.

Lashes By Samantha

And for those busy Mama’s who are trying to find Beauty Life Hacks to cut some time off the morning ‘put together’, add Eyelash Extensions to that list – because girl you know you want to stay in bed that extra half an hour instead! 😉

Stay tuned for more Beauty Life Hacks with Jess x

For pricing and to checkout Samantha’s fab work, you can visit her at: 

Instagram: @lashesbysamantha

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lashesbysamantha

Website: www.lashesbysamantha.com.au

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