review bebelicious moses basket

Real mum review- Bebelicious Moses Baskets

review bebelicious moses basket

What to put your new baby to sleep in can be a big decision for new parents. Do you use a cradle? A bassinet? Straight into the cot? You are up and down so much in those first few months that it’s much more convenient to have baby right beside your bed so you can lean over and comfort them without getting up, or just pull them into bed with you for a feed.

My baby slept beside me (or with me!) until she was 4 months, and then in a cot in our room ’til 7 months. There are so many choices out there but I want to share one of my favourites.

Bebelicious Moses Basket

The Bebelicious Moses Baskets are so gorgeous! You can get the natural, organic ones, a basic white lined one or a range of beautifully lined baskets in patterned fabrics. They are very light and perfect for moving around the house while baby sleeps. You can have them in the living room on the table, in the bedroom, at other people’s houses- anywhere you want! It’s the perfect travelling bed for your new baby, so that they feel comfortable, safe and secure wherever they are.

Our Belecious Moses basket has been going strong- currently sleeping the third baby, with no signs of wear and tear.

You can get stands to put them in as well, bringing them to the perfect height beside your bed so that you don’t have to bend too far down to pick them up. There are two options for stands- the basic folding stand, or a new rocking stand that helps you rock your baby to settle them.

They are the type of baskets that last forever and can be handed down from baby to baby within the family.

So if you’re looking for something beautiful and stylish to put your baby to bed in then check out the Bebelicious Moses Baskets- you’ll love them!

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