Become a Lunchbox Legend with IGA


Preparing new and exciting lunches every day can be hard. Without a doubt, what the kids loved last week they hate this week and they are always complaining that their friends have better lunches. That’s why we are excited to help you become a Lunchbox Legend as we join the IGA campaign!

IGA conducted some research into lunchboxes and parents came back saying the following:

80% of you felt time pressure when preparing lunches

87% struggle to keep their kids excited by their lunch box

two thirds of you are telling IGA that they feel pressure from schools, teachers and parents when preparing lunches.

With all this in mind we have created some lunchbox ideas below to help take the stress out of preparing your lunches:

Banana muffins


easy meat balls

 Here are some of our easy tips for a great lunchbox:

Make your lunchbox colourful! Use fruit and veggies to make lunch look delicious and exciting

Small portions are less overwhelming for littler children. Create a box with a large variety of small sample food like grapes, sandwiches cut with small cookie cutters, carrot sticks, berries, tomatoes and cheese.

Batch bake on the weekend for quick lunches. Make muffins and scrolls then pop in the freezer for quick lunch food.

Get the kids to help you make their lunches. Research has proven that kids get more excited about food they help prepare.

IGA is your local grocer, providing locally sourced, affordable, and exciting ingredients to help you create the perfect lunch boxes that kids can’t wait to eat. For more information visit

1 thought on “Become a Lunchbox Legend with IGA

  1. Rosa Snyder

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I struggle most days to keep my children interested in what is for lunch.
    I want my children to have exciting and colorful yet yummy lunches at daycare and kindy.


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