Bento lunch box ideas

Bento lunch box ideas for school lunches

Bento lunch box ideas

If your kid isn’t keen on a full-sized lunch at school, they may prefer the Japanese style Bento lunches instead. Bento lunches consist of a number of bite-sized pieces of food, in a lunch box with divided sections. This can be a better option for kids that don’t like to sit still for long or get bored eating the same thing over and over again.

This post is in collaboration with Woolworths

There are a number of different foods you can use to create a bento box that your kids will love. Here are some of our favourite trialled and tested ideas:


Carrot sticks

Capsicum sticks

Cucumber sticks

Celery sticks

Solanato tomatoes



Bento lunch box ideas








Kiwi fruit

Mini Pears

Mini Bananas

Bento lunch box ideas

Protein and Dairy

Eggs (great for gluten-free kids)

Ham and cheese wrap on Woolworths wholegrain wraps

Cheese and salad wrap on Woolworths wholegrain wraps

Woolworths Cheese sticks

Woolworths Cheese triangles

Woolworths Tasty Cheese Cubes

Chia strawberry jam on wholegrain bread

Chia pudding

Woolworths Select Yummy Snacks Yoghurt

Bento lunch box ideas

To Dip







Grains and snacks

Woolworths Original Gluten Free Popcorn (in lightly salted or sweet and salty)

Woolworths pretzels

Woolworths hundreds and thousands white choc minis (or choc chip)

Woolworths Muesli Bars

Woolworths Mini Rice Crackers


Gluten Free snack ideas

Free from Gluten cheese twists

Free From Gluten Chocolate Mini Smiles (or vanilla)

Free From Gluten crackers

If you mix and match something from each section, you’ll have a well-balanced lunch box that your kids will love!

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