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I’ve been trying to take a little ‘me time’ when getting ready lately. It can be hard with a little face pressed to the shower screen and trying to climb in fully dressed, but with winter coming I need a bit more time to deal with my dry skin!

I’m currently loving the BioElixia Body Shaper products. The body polish did a great job of buffing up my winter skin. After all- we all need to take off those dry layers. It left me silky smooth! I have sensitive skin and eczema and it was really gentle.

The toning body lotion was gentle too, but just be aware it has quite a strong smell (not unpleasant, just strong!) I could smell it all day. Over all though I’m loving the products and using them lots. They a great when you want something a bit more than just the supermarket skincare range.

About BioElixia

BioElixia® products contain a patented and unique delivery system, described as TPM® Dermal Delivery Technology. Through our research, BioElixia® scientists discovered TPM® has revolutionary benefits for skin. We have set about developing a high quality skincare range that blends our TPM® science with ingredients that are well known for anti-ageing, moisturising and hydrating properties.

TPM® helps deliver ingredients such as multi-vitamins, anti-ageing peptides and moisturising oils into the skin. It’s the perfect combination of TPM® technology, plus amazing ingredients including retinol, that makes BioElixia® unique. No other skincare brand can offer BioElixia’s® proprietary TPM® technology in their formulas.

BioElixia currently has a range of affordable gift packs- starting from $16.95. To find out more visit

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