Breville Boss vs the Thermomix TM31


We were very excited to preview the new Breville Boss Blender- it chops, grinds, purees, crushes and blends. It does such an amazing job we thought we would put it to the ultimate challenge… its the Breville Boss vs the Thermomix TM31! Who will take out the prize???


First up we tried out its chopping skills with a yummy pistachio pesto dip…

We chucked all the ingredients in and blended for 5 seconds in each both the Breville Boss and the Thermomix TM31

Results: The Breville Boss was more consistent in its chopping than the Thermomix- i also left it a bit chunkier which looked better and more appetising. The Thermomix left larger pieces of basil leaves in the dip but chopped the rest up very small- as you can see below.

Breville Boss dip

Next up is sorbet. The Thermomix prides itself on it’s ice crushing abilities so how will the Breville Boss match up?

We put fruit, sugar and ice in both machines and blend for 1 minute, using the ice crushing button on the Breville Boss and speed 10 on the Thermomix.

Results: They came out exactly the same- we really couldn’t tell the difference between the Thermomix sorbet and the Breville Boss sorbet. You can see them both below…

Breville Boss sorbet


Our third test was a fruit smoothie. We used some ice, coconut milk and mango and blended them both for 1 minute. Speed 9 on the Thermomix and using the Smoothie button on the Breville Boss.

Results: Exactly the same again! Both came out smooth and fluffy. You can see in the pic below. (yes the Thermomix one is a bit of a different colour but that’s because two raspberries escaped and jumped in!)

Breville Boss smoothie

Self cleaning: Both the Breville Boss and the Thermomix offer a self clean function and they both do it well. The Breville Boss came out perfectly clean after just a few swishes of water.

Verdict: If you are tossing up between a super blender like the Breville Boss, or a Thermomix, because you want something that chops, crushes, blends, grinds and food processes then the Breville Boss is a fantastic alternative. While it doesn’t cook whole meals like the Thermomix it does do everything else the Thermomix is famous for, and it does it just as well.

The Breville Boss does have a heating function, and you can make soups it it, but primarily it is a super blender that will cover all your blending/processing/chopping needs. It is SO easy to use- with a lot of the functions just a button press away. It retails at $999, which is half the price of a Thermomix. So if you are looking for a machine with similar functions The Breville Boss is a fantastic alternative. It also comes with a 7 year guarantee.

For more information on the Breville Boss visit

Because we love The Boss so much we are giving one away! To win all you have to do is enter below…

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60 thoughts on “Breville Boss vs the Thermomix TM31

  1. krissy wallace

    Simply because this would make life a million times easier! after breastfeeding my 8 week old, then cooking for my 2 yr old, then cooking for my husband – i often just end up eating their leftovers. I could whip up something healthy and tasty quickly with this!!

  2. Leanne Castro

    Because I cant afford one and it is the BEST way to get fruit and vegies into my children. Plus it would save me time in kitchen so I could spend more time with my kids.

  3. Talya Goding

    Oh this would be perfect with how hot and gross this summer heat is at the moment! I imagine myself outside lounging (more swinging) in the hammock and sipping on a fresh smoothie or even eating a gorgeous and fresh sorbet!

  4. Talya Goding

    This would be perfect with this current and gross summer heat- go lay outside in the hammock and drink fresh ice cold smoothies or enjoy a beautiful and healthy sorbet! Or even make my own version of a frozen coke! OH summer would be so much more enjoyable with a boss to help make summer easier!

  5. Kirsten Breeden

    At every school fair and sports carnival,
    There’s a snow cone machine which my kids are quite partial.
    They’re icy and sweet, but not the healthiest of treats,
    We’ve a fruitier version, that for taste can’t be beat.
    The first part is really a breeze,
    Simply juice up fresh fruit in our Breville Ikon and freeze.
    The kids and I then work as a team,
    Making ‘snow’ with our wind-up snow cone machine.
    With all this hard work our energy wears thin,
    Especially when 8 of the neighbourhood kids want in!
    But with The Boss Super Blender by Breville,
    Our snow coning speed would reach mastery level!
    It’d be snow cones with breakfast, with lunch and with tea
    Making all of the neighbourhood kids shout “Yippee!”

  6. Amanda Holland

    My blender, which I have had for about 10 years now, I’ve noticed recently that it’s getting a bit worm and yucky. Would love a new one that works just as good at the thermie

  7. Michelle

    I want to start ‘clean’ eating and make more foods from scratch for my boys. The Breville Boss will help make that job easier

  8. Hope

    Who wouldn’t want a Boss! The functions look amazing especially the ice blending. I would love a blender that could crush my ice that well. My last Breville blender died and I’m yet to find a suitable replacement.

  9. Bella Moore

    Huge lover of Breville appliances – and I just know their new Boss would love a place amongst my other Breville appliances; would be right at home in my home!

  10. Jemma Georgitsis

    What a blessing it would be to win such a useful appliance! The ability to whip up something healthy so quickly, while saving money not purchasing prepacked/processed offerings would certainly be a life changer. Bye bye nasty additives!

  11. Sue Hassell

    I would love a Breville Boss for the simple convenience of making pesto, green curry paste etc fast and effectively plus the easy clean function sounds perfect for me

  12. Jessica

    I’ve struggled for 14 years since moving out of home without a blender and it would make my baking soooo much easier. Smoothies to cheescakes to blending herbs or even veggies to hide in my fusspot sons dinner, the possibilities are almost endless. Please same me from getting RSI and from beating bags of biscuits with a rolling pin!

  13. Jodi Corbett

    Oh wow thanks for comparing, I have been saving (not very well) for a thermomix but after reading this blog post I think the new Breville Boss Blender is exactly what I need/want – thanks Maraya for doing this article 🙂

  14. Caryn Turner

    I’d love a Breville Boss so I don’t have to chop stuff up. I hate all the chopping prep you have to do when cooking. Guess I’d like it to further justify my laziness !

  15. carmen

    Wow – with 4 young kids I am in the kitchen a lot & this would definitely help with meal planning & dinner time. Thanks so much!!

  16. Carly modlich

    With a family of four, two growing kids a blender is super handy for all sorts of meals and snacks and would be well used !!

  17. Jennifer Fuchs

    I need one to make my life easier with a house full of fussy eaters, I would be able to sneakily add those nutritional veggies into any meal. That and unfortunately my partner would never let me fork out that much for an appliance lol.

  18. Mary Ann Smilovitis

    I want my kids to get healthier options of all the good stuff like sorbets, smoothies, cakes, biscuits etc so they can still enjoy having a treat without all the hidden nasties

  19. Selina

    I’ve only just realised that you need a blender to ‘cook like a boss’. And atm I don’t have one. The boss really is the shiz and my family would think I was a culinary rock star with this little beauty in the kitchen.

  20. Melinda

    I need a grevillea boss as my old processor is close to falling apart, and I would love an all in one be lender/processor so I can make a bit more room in my cupboards. I just had my third baby, so a new blender will make life better for my family and I.

  21. Aleisha

    I need this! If it can make my life easier and is half the price of a thermie, its even more affordable! Plus, if it allows me to be able to spend more time with my son while daddy is deployed, its win win for everyone (as our son is very clingy when daddy is deployed )

  22. Melissa

    I’m wanting to begin a healthier approach to eating. Eating fresh, no preservatives, nothing processed. It will also be fantastic for making my 5 month old baby’s food.

  23. Bella

    So as the new year rolls around & I strive to make more healthy changes in my life I would love to have a Breville Boss as my trusty food prep sidekick.

  24. Karen Hill

    As a single mother who works and is completing a university degree (full time on campus study) the Breville will make whipping up dinner for Master 4 and I a breeze. Forget being a Master Chef, I could be the Kitchen Boss!

  25. Donna Briggs-Wilson

    Having a toddler who is dairy and soy free (allergies) and myself lactose and red meat intolerant i find cooking difficult. Everything needs to b made from scratch, well most things. This would save me SO much time.

  26. Mama Stylista

    One of my little luxuries in motherhood is getting my nails done. I hate to ruin a completely good manicure by chopping, crushing and grinding? Breville can do all the dirty work and with the time saved I can focus on another little luxury: online shopping. Win, win!

  27. Lisa W

    I’d love to win The Boss for my Boss (my Mum). She lives alone and would use this heaps for herself, me and her grandsons!

  28. Pauline Izzard

    I NEED this for my Mum. She loves her fresh juices for a start, and smoothies and this would make her life sooo much easier.

  29. karlene

    I love kitchen appliances. That’s it really. The simple truth. And I actually use them as they’re so efficient and get a much better result than mixing or cutting by hand. I don’t have the pocket money for a Thermomix but the Breville Boss seems to be easily as good. If I was to win one I’d donate some of my other appliances that would become redundant.

  30. Jess black

    Ive never once owned a blender, processor, mixer or any kitchen appliance that saves me time and helps out! I am an old school, traditional… I use a whisk, a knife, a hand mixer. This would help me save time! Please, please help me save time in my already busy household!! Merry christmas x

  31. lisa

    Ive never owned anything more than a simple blender and ive always wanted a food processor but have never been able to afford one

  32. Elly Hallas

    My husband has been known to get me Breville appliances for my birthdays, and I have to say that I prefer them to jewellery any day! I use my appliances all of the time, each one has its own space in the pantry and I take extra special care of them! The kitchen is my favourite part of the house, it is where I relax (cooking therapy!), it is where I get to bond and bake with my son, it is where I use my more-than-willing husband as a taste-tester and it is where I get to create for my friends and family 
    What I imagine life with a Breville Boss would be like…

    Kids are having guests from school,
    To run and jump and play,
    Just follow the healthy Boss recipe,
    To cool down with a quick and easy sorbet!

    In desperate need of a girls’ night,
    But don’t know where to go,
    Just mix some cocktails in the Boss,
    And let the good times roll at home!

    Hubby just got home from work,
    With news of friends for tea,
    Just throw some spices and the sort,
    In my Boss for fresh curry!

    Darling son’s unhappy,
    The heat is getting too much!
    Just throw some ice and nice fresh fruit,
    In my Boss to make fruit slush!

    No matter who I was feeding.
    No matter when or what the situation,
    I bet that if I had a Breville Boss,
    Every meal would be a fun creation!

  33. Lyn

    Chop, plup, crush, juice! This baby does it all and I need a new BOSS in the kitchen! I’ve lost 25kg this year and this baby will help me shred the final 5 with delicious green smoothies!!!

  34. Alice

    I’m dreaming of a sweet Christmas – filled with sorbets and homemade milkshakes all whipped up in my new blender!! Pick me and make me smile!!

  35. Jenelle

    This would help my non English speaking inlaws from having kitchen fights over who makes the dips at our family bbqs!! It’s a jungle in the kitchen on those days!! Save us!! LOL

  36. Mark

    This is my wife’s DREAM appliance! Let’s make her year and let her win!! She’s amazing and does so much for us. This would change her life with more time to herself and less time cooking! Thank you!

  37. Jade Geran

    So that on the days I finish work at 6.30 I know I can get home and be able to make an actual meal in less than an hour and be able to do things inbetween =]


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