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As you know we have been plugging away with out Diploma of Business with Business Mamas. We will admit that its been a struggle and we aren’t as far through as we would have liked but when we need a bit of motivation we turn to our copy of Lisa Messenger’s book- Love & Life, Creating the Dream.

We were given the book as part of our Business Mamas starter pack and it’s been a great read. To help inspire you Business Mamas would like to give a copy away to you guys!

Here’s what it’s all about:



In her previous book Daring & Disruptive, serial entrepreneur Lisa Messenger, editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine, shared the business lessons she learned after decades of success in multiple industries, including how to identify your true purpose, pinpoint your passions and visualise the work culture you want to exist in. But, Lisa admits that although her world now seems perfect on paper it hasn’t always been this way. 

In Life & Love, she offers insights into the support system, strategies and relationships, which allow her to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of running a profitable, multi-platform start-up. Blending advice from mentors and role models, with lessons that she’s learned the hard way, Lisa’s personal journey is proof that no mistake is undoable, no relationship is unfixable and no failure is in vain if you have the right attitude and an abundance of gratitude. 

This is a book about love, joy and happiness, community, authenticity and learning to sink into your femininity even when you’re a ball-breaking businesswoman. Lisa’s message is; you can be a traditionalist and a rebel, you can be a lover and a fighter, you can be vulnerable and invincible. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a mother, a wife, a student or a blend of all the above, this book will teach you how to wear your heart on your sleeve, embrace every side of yourself and still achieve more than you ever imagined!


All you have to do is tell us below what your dream career is and how Business Mamas can help you.

(Comp open to Australian residents over 18 only. Closes Sunday 20th December 2015)

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8 thoughts on “Business Mamas Giveaway

  1. Caroline Kelly

    My dream career is to be an entrepreneur. I have so many ideas, but it is tough deciding on a singular focus.

    Moreover, I would like to use some of the money that I make to continue with my household’s philanthropy.

  2. Di

    Wife of a gorgeous billionaire, but sadly there is no way Business Mamas can help me. This is one fish, I mean career, I must reel in myself 😉

  3. Love

    My dream is to have my own house for a bigger space for my growing kids to play with and to continue with my career for health assistance in hospitals and my degree for tech savvy jobs.

  4. Natasha McDonald

    I would love to have a career in Forensic medicine, i don’t know if Mamas can help me, i need lots more uni training, though i think mamas can help me with a small home business selling second hand up cycled clothing and jewellery

  5. Penny

    I want to set up an education program focussing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with a specific focus on space science. I have the knowledge and expertise to lead, manage and deliver a program but need help in accessing government support, grants and how to run a business.

  6. Michelle

    My goal is to be an interior designer, I enjoy the latest trends and styling to inspire people. Business Mamas would give me the skills, keep it real to be mindful of any risks for a successful career.


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