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I expect a lot from a phone cover. I have a lengthy check list that a phone case must pass and if one stays on my phone for longer than a week, you can bet that I’ve put it through its paces and it’s a winner! Here is just a sneak peak of what I expect from a phone case:

Lightweight/Slim: for those of you who don’t know me – I’m very clumsy. Comically so. I pretty much drop 50% of what I pick up in my hands every single day. For this reason I need a slimline, lightweight cover that doesn’t add bulk or weight to my phone, so when I’m on my phone in bed and I drop it onto my face it won’t hurt so much. #ouchie #youknowitshappenedtoyoubefore

Protection: Although I prefer a lightweight slimline cover, it still needs to protect my phone from scratches and breakage. It needs to keep my poor phone safe from my clumsiness and from my 10 month old who thinks it’s fun to steal my phone and scrape it along every surface in my home.

Easy to remove: I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but if you don’t take your cover off very often for a clean, some covers tend to allow for moisture and makeup/dirt to build up in between the cover and phone. This gives me the heebie jeebies, so I prefer a cover that doesn’t take a crowbar to pry it off my phone every time I want to give it a clean (which in my case is quite often thanks to a certain little Mister who thinks my phone is a teething toy) #damnyoubabydrool

It MUST have a fantabulous design/print! And if I can customise it with photos, even better!

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In my search for the perfect cover, I came across Casetify on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with their designs and loved the fact I had the option to customise my cover. I was in phone cover heaven and was pretty stoked when Casetify offered me the opportunity to test out the ‘Gwen’ Design in the Classic Snap Case.

The cover met all my expectations and much more. It’s slimline, so lightweight, it’s easy to put on and isn’t hard to remove when you need to give it a clean, the design is stunning and oh so elegant, it provides adequate protection against scratches and it looks and feels like a great quality cover.

What else do I love about Casetify? You can choose a cover for your iPhone, Samsung and/or Tablet that suits your budget and the level of protection you are after for your device, and there are SO many designs to choose from that it is SUPER hard to limit yourself to just one case!


Casetify is giving one of our lucky readers the opportunity to win a $50USD Gift Voucher (plus FREE Shipping worldwide) to claim your very own Casetify Phone/Tablet Cover! 

Simply comment below which Casetify cover is your favourite design for your chance to win!

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

 (*entries close 11pm AEST Friday 22nd January 2016)

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4 thoughts on “Casetify- personalise your cases plus a giveaway

  1. Annie kent

    This is just to gorgeous for words..I would just die if I won this
    To have my amazing family on a phone cover while I worked would be the best pressie ever xxxx

  2. Michelle

    Aimee St Hill’s Paisley White design has that feminine enduring spirit. These classic sturdy cases stay true to the simplicity style of a modern phone.


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