Catch me when I fall

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Do you know that feeling you have…

The one where you want to do better for yourself.  Prove to yourself you can do something. Have a goal and try and reach it… Well I’ve started a diploma of business with the Business Mamas and things had been going well.

I started out with the best intentions. I ticked all the boxes.

Fancy pens

New laptop

Pink folder

Cool diary.

Sparkly highlighters

I even cleared a spot and named it my desk

I had my training to log in. I consulted with my husband on my grand plan. I even booked the twins into daycare one day a week. I was totally all over this back to school business.  I mean I had 3 kids in 14 months, I can study a Diploma of Business, right? Arrrrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!

I’m feeling a little sad updating you that my grand plans to take over the world  be top of the class have been hijacked.

They have been hijacked by an awful thing called winter. Robbed by a bout of self doubt and then an accident that has landed my husband in hospital with the use of only one hand for six weeks.  Yes you read that correctly, six weeks!

I’ve had a few tears, even felt sorry for myself a few times. I’ve missed calls, not been up to date with the work I already have on my plate and now I’m sinking with my course.

I’m being really honest when I say studying after 12 years out of college is hard. Even though I can do it in my PJs at home it’s still hard.

I’m sure you have heard the term “catch me when I fall”…

Well that’s how I feel about this course right now. It’s set up for me to go at my own pace. It’s also set up with a support network  to help when I feel like I’m failing.  I have my own assigned “Business Angel” and she has not gave up on me.  She calls, emails and leaves me voicemails when I went missing in action.  I don’t feel like I’m in competition with anyone or making comparisons with anyone.  Just when I felt it was too hard I realised its not hard, it’s actually set up for someone like me to pick up and keep going.  I’m not going to lie and say I’ve done anything this week. We cancelled real life and gone on a little break with the kids.

Business mamas

I’m back home this week and I feel ready to take over the world again. With my Diploma sitting ready for me to hit it and my Angel booked in for our check  up call I’m feeling ready.

It might sound really cheesy but I don’t feel like I’m falling … I’m ready to fly!

Stay posted. Trust me if I can do this ANYONE can!


If you feel like you want to take the next step and want to get back into studying visit

business mamas

1 thought on “Catch me when I fall

  1. Sim1i

    Its a night time thing. you can do your best work from 10pm to 2am when studying. But have faith you can do it. I have twins- i have almost finished my Masters. My friends have twins- two are now teachers, one is almost an accountant and another is nearly a hospitality specialist. You can do it! Plan in anticipation of a spanner and you will make it


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