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Christmas leftovers

Five ways you can use your Christmas leftovers

Christmas leftovers

We have partnered with Woolworths to help you use up your Christmas leftovers

There is so much food at Christmas! Despite every year swearing that next year will be different we always end up with so many leftovers. This year we hosted 22 people for Christmas lunch- and we still have SO.MUCH.FOOD!

Did you know that, in Australia, we throw out $8-10 billion worth of food every year? Christmas is when we all eat (and throw out) the most food, so, what do we do with all these leftovers? Woolworths Food Savers is all about helping us reduce waste and make the most out of the food we buy. Here are 5 ways you can use your Christmas leftovers and make it the meal that keeps on giving!

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easy Christmas desserts

Fake it, don’t make it- Three pre-made Christmas desserts you can hack

easy Christmas desserts

We have collaborated with Woolworths to create these desserts

Who else is feeling tired and stressed about Christmas and it’s not even here yet? My to-do list is a mile long- I need to finish kindy class and teacher presents, buy the last Christmas presents, prepare the house for hosting Christmas Day for 22 people, plan the shopping lists and so, so much more.

My job at Christmas is the desserts, and with everything going on this year, plus working up until the end of the week, I’m going to fake it instead of making it with a little help from some Woolworths Christmas desserts and some extra ingredients. I’ve pulled together some Christmas favourites that will only take you a few minutes to prepare, but no one will know you didn’t make them yourself!

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Three quick and easy summer salad recipes

Summer salad

This post is sponsored by Woolworths

No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen in summer- not when we could be in the pool, or at the beach or just outside in the garden. Fresh salads are the easiest in summer so we have three super easy summer salad recipes that will literally not take you more than 15-minutes to make. I have tried and tested everyone and none of them took more than 15-minutes in the kitchen. They are also super easy- which is great because I’m no cook!

So here you are- your three, 15-minute summer salads!

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Halloween mini pizzas for spooky fun!

Halloween mini pizzas

These Halloween mini pizzas are a fun DIY project for the kids to help get them in the Halloween spirit.

If you are planning a Halloween party for your children, then these pizzas would be super fun and easy. Prepare the pizza dough ahead of time and set up a little DIY station for the kids to get creative with their favourite Halloween characters. Continue reading

Save Time with these Meal Prep Hacks

Cooking- does it ever end?!!! It’s one of these everyday household chores that can’t be avoided and it’ such a time drain! Especially when it is combined with tired kids, bath time and homework. To help you make through the evening we have pulled together our favourite meal prep hacks, including how to manage your shopping lists.

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Lamb Shanks, slow cooked with chilli, garlic and tomatoes

Freezing nights call for bowls of warm, comforting food like these delicious Slow cooked Lamb Shanks simmered with chilli, garlic and tomatoes.

A simple recipe, these lamb shanks only need time to get tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone. So slow cook it on your stovetop or braise in the oven, or perhaps put it all into your slow cooker just before heading out for work. And when you return, you will have the most delicious, indulgent lamb shanks that can be served with couscous and a simple green salad. Feeds a crowd!

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