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best travel prams / best travel pram

Shopping Guide – Best Travel Prams 2018

best travel prams / best travel pram

We all know travelling with kids can be hard, although it’s worth it! Every time I travel I try and decide if I need a pram. When Tully was a baby we went to Scotland. Rather than taking the pram I looked for the best travel system prams and eventually bought one off eBay and had it delivered to my Mother-in-Law’s place. However, it fell apart and we ended up getting a MacLaren stroller while we were there. Then, I got my hands on a travel pram and it made traveling so much easier! But deciding which one to get was tricky. Which were the best travel prams and which were the dodgy ones?

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5 Last Minute Valentines Gifts (in case he forgot!)

Last Minute

Here at Stuff Mums Like we know that most mums end up shopping for their own Valentines gifts (if they even get one at all!) Lynsey buys what she wants and gives it to hubby to regift, while I don’t even bother really! If you have a hubby that’s not great with gifting heres 5 last minute Valentines gifts he can get you. So just forward this link to him 😉

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Style Guide: Stuff Mums love for Summer

Summer style guide

Mums like clothes and I’m a bit obsessed with shopping so I thought I would share my latest loves. I love the fact that all items hide the ridiculous amount of food I ate over Christmas. After having the twins my tummy has never been the same. I shop to cover it. I’m sharing some of my picks that make me feel good and accessories I love! Here’s my style guide for summer!

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Ever wished that you could simply go to one website and be able to buy things for bub AND for yourself, because you know, life as a Mum is 24/7 and we barely get time to shower or use the bathroom let alone sit down and spend hours online shopping in peace?! Anyone? Am I right? Do I hear a chorus of ‘Hell YES’?
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Personalised jewellery for Christmas


Hands up who picks their own presents for Christmas and just forwards the request to hubby? Or even just buys it all then gives it to hubby to wrap and put under the tree? Or has to wrap it themselves even..? Yep that’s what I thought! So we’ve made it easy for you. Here are our top faves personalised jewellery pics from Uberkate (you know we love her- she’s the original and the best.) So get in quick to place your order before Christmas!

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Tips, Tricks and Must Have Products for Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

Travelling with babies

The thought of traveling with a baby can send even the most seasoned traveler into panic mode. The list of things you need to take, do and buy can be endless. You worry about where they will sleep, how they will sleep, what they will eat, how they will cope on the plane and a million other things.

So to help you take the stress out of traveling with babies and toddlers we have pulled together a comprehensive list of the best products, tips, and tricks to make traveling with babies and toddlers a breeze!

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