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Make December fun with an Activity Advent Calendar


If you want to take the focus off possessions and gifts this Christmas and move it back to family time then the activity advent calendar is just what you need. It takes the traditional advent calendar idea, but instead of a gift or treat your advent calendar contains a Christmas activity to do together as a family. It turns the month of December into a Christmas extravaganza!

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The Lazy Mum’s Guide To: Kids Halloween Costumes

kids halloween costumes

I’m a sucker for Halloween, who doesn’t love any celebration that includes lollies and chocolate?!!! However, the dress up part I’m not that good at. I’m just not that organised! I don’t understand who has time to lovely craft a perfect Halloween Costume from things they found around the house. I don’t know how to paper mache (I barely know how to iron!) and I have better things to do than spend hours creating a Pinterest-worthy costume that she probably won’t wear. As you can see from above, last year she wore a princess dress and somehow appropriated a hat from somewhere. I’m guessing I’m not the only one- so here it is, the lazy mum’s guide to kids Halloween costumes…

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#BeautyHack Eyelash Extensions: Lashes By Samantha

Lashes By Samantha

I’ve been following the whole eyelash extension trend with some interest for quite some time, but was always a little turned off by the horror stories – like when people’s eyes end up burning and itching or their lashes all stick together. EEPPPP! I have enough on my plate people – I don’t need to pay someone my hard earned dollars to end up having swollen, itchy sticky eyes – no thanks!

But then one day, as though the beauty gods shone their #beautyhack light on me when I was compiling my list for the ‘Look After Yourself’ Challenge, I came across the @lashesbysamantha Instagram page, and I was converted! I HAD to make this happen. I mean seriously – who wouldn’t be won over by the promise of never having to worry about mascara and loads of makeup again! (Just between you and me – I am not exactly gifted when it comes to applying makeup – so I was counting on this to save me the hassle!).

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Stuff Mums Like: Our Favourite Boots This Season!


It’s Autumn, which means it’s time to get our Boot Shopping on! Once again this season sees us being bombarded with a never ending array of buckles, studs and it seems that the fringe is back. And although I’d love to indulge my inner Kardashian and fluff around at school pick up showing off my absolutely FAB Suede Fringe Boots that Pocahontas would be damn proud of, I do need to reign it in a little and look for a boot that is elegantly chic yet practical – in other words it needs to survive lots of mud, scuffs and plenty of walking.

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Inspire Your Budding Designer at Homemaker the Valley

Homemaker the valley freedom

This post is sponsored by Homemaker the Valley

Growing up my sister and I were obsessed with drawing floor plans and decorating houses. We would clip out furniture from IKEA and Freedom magazines and arrange flat-lay room designs- for hours on end! We would create elaborate flat-lay homes for our pretend families and have lively debates about whether the carpet we had chosen matched the lounge and if we liked the lighting choices. We would keep each room in a snap lock bag so that the pieces wouldn’t get mixed up. We were dedicated!

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DIY Easter Hat


Ah yes, the time is has come around again to get sorted for your kid’s Easter Hat Parade!

Let’s face it, as busy mums, finding the time to create a spectacular Easter hat for our kids can be somewhat stressful and is usually left to the last minute (or is that just me?).

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Styling a Garden Party with Sipahh


This post is sponsored by Sipahh

Party season is on its way and I can’t wait! I’m well known for being willing to throw a kids’ party at my place for any occasion. In 2015 alone I had a massive birthday party for Tully, an Easter party, a movie party in the winter just for fun, a kids’ disco, a Halloween party and a Christmas party. I will find any reason to hold a party so when Sipahh asked if I would be interested in throwing a garden party to try out their flavoured milk straws I was all over that in a second!
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First Day of School Photo Ideas

First Day Photo Ideas

Commemorating the first day of school is a big deal and in recent years people have got really creative with ideas. We have a free printable for you to download for you to celebrate your child’s first day of school. We’ve also pulled together some of our favourite first day of school photo ideas. Make sure you visit the bloggers and designers who came up with these great ideas and show them some love!

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