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Mylo’s Hot Air Balloon Themed Naming Day

Mylo party 018

Recently our family celebrated my nephew Mylo’s Naming Ceremony. As we aren’t religious all the kids in our family have a Naming Ceremony instead- a celebration to welcome them into the world, surrounded by family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to get together with everyone and catch up. I was lucky enough to be named as one of his Mentors so it was a a special day for me too!

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Styling a Bedroom with Fantastic Furniture


We had a really cute range of manchester to choose from to road test the new range from Fantastic Furniture and the “Hootie bed pack” was a standout choice for my little nature loving twins.

With a beautiful and bright print on one side and a very “on trend” more subtle print on the other side the manchester fitted in well with our bedroom decor. Also included was a really fun plush toy that fitted nicely as a display cushion on the beds.

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Updating my Mummy Wardrobe with Sussan

photo2-10Surely I’m not the only mum who has a ‘mummy wardrobe’? I find myself spending 90% of my life in a maxi dress in summer and over stretched leggings and an oversized jumper or jeans and a t shirt in winter. A lot of my clothes I’ve had for about 7 or 8 years! You know how it is- you’re always buying the kids cute new outfits because they need them! That, combined with a teenage son that won’t stop growing and a teenage fashionista in training, means updating my wardrobe always comes last.

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Locl Declutter Challenge- Week 3

declutter 3

This week it’s time to declutter our TOYS!!! Hands up who had two stuffed animals that have now multiplied into about 50! At last count my 13 year old daughter had over 200 STUFFED ANIMALS- 200!!!!! Oh how I hate them. It seems my 2 year old has inherited the same predilection for these furry friends- having amassed quite the collection of her own in the last year.

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