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Real Mum Review – Babylove Nappy Pants

BabyLove Nappy Pants review


Nappies are a constant topic in mums’ groups. What brand? What type? Which are the best value for money? Can anyone recommend a nappy that doesn’t leak? When we are changing nappies multiple times a day it’s easy to find yourself thinking about them a lot.  With this in mind, we provided one of our readers, Lisa, with a box of BabyLove Nappy Pants to see how they measured up for her active 14-month-old, Jett.

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LG Twinwash review

LG TWINWash Review

LG Twinwash review / LG washing machine review

You may have seen the ads on TV or online- the fanciest washing machine you have ever seen- the LG TWINWash! It promises two separate washing machines in one, plus a dryer. Basically, if it could fold the laundry every mum would be lining up around the block for one of these.

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Spriggy Review- the pocket money app that helps you manage your child’s spending

Spriggy Review

Spriggy is the latest in pocket money apps. Linked to a prepaid card, Spriggy helps teach your child about managing money and learning to save.  Saving is not a strong point for me. I’m more a ‘go for it and hope the money turns up’ type- but I’m trying hard to teach my kids to save. My teenagers are way better at it than me, and aren’t on board with my ‘money fairy’ attitude to life. Tully, however, has a bit of a spending habit that needs to be curbed!

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review bebelicious moses basket

Real mum review- Bebelicious Moses Baskets

review bebelicious moses basket

What to put your new baby to sleep in can be a big decision for new parents. Do you use a cradle? A bassinet? Straight into the cot? You are up and down so much in those first few months that it’s much more convenient to have baby right beside your bed so you can lean over and comfort them without getting up, or just pull them into bed with you for a feed.

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Can I use a Plane Pal or other sleep aid on Flights?

Plane Pal

This post is sponsored by Plane Pal

My five-year-old has done two long-haul trips this year- once to the US and once to Scotland, and for both trips, she has used a Plane Pal sleep aid. The Plane Pal inflates and fills the footwell of the seat, creating a flat surface for your child to sleep on. It was a game changer for us, giving her a solid amount of sleep each flight and saving our sanity!

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Combating the winter cold with probiotics

This post is sponsored by Caruso’s Natural Health

Winter is here (and I’m freezing) but as well as battling the cold, I’m not looking forward to battling all the winter germs as well. Last year I spend the whole winter with a terrible cough and this year I’ve already had Tully sick numerous times with various viruses. One in particular really knocked her flat and I’ve noticed that she’s taking a long time to really bounce back.

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