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Magical ice festival

Win two tickets to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

Magical ice festival

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I’m pretty sure that our trip to Disney on Ice last year was one of the highlights of Tully’s young life. The princess dresses, the merchandise, the princesses on ice skates, the Disney songs. It was the closest she will be getting to Disneyland for the foreseeable future! She still talks about it and is so excited to go again this year to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.

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WIN- Sage&Luna Baby Bag


How gorgeous is this Sage&Luna baby bag? I’m in love! No one wants a baby bag that looks like it should be carried by a three-year-old. Mums want a baby bag that reflects their style and can be used as a stylish, daily bag that doesn’t scream “I’m a mum!!” every time you use it.

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Inspire Your Budding Designer at Homemaker the Valley

Homemaker the valley freedom

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Growing up my sister and I were obsessed with drawing floor plans and decorating houses. We would clip out furniture from IKEA and Freedom magazines and arrange flat-lay room designs- for hours on end! We would create elaborate flat-lay homes for our pretend families and have lively debates about whether the carpet we had chosen matched the lounge and if we liked the lighting choices. We would keep each room in a snap lock bag so that the pieces wouldn’t get mixed up. We were dedicated!

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Show us your food dance

Tip Top Food Dance

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Is there anything cuter than watching your kids get excited about food? Sometimes, as a treat for Tully in summer, we do a breakfast picnic in the garden. We make sandwiches, take fruit and enjoy them on the picnic table out the back.

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