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Inspire Your Budding Designer at Homemaker the Valley

Homemaker the valley freedom

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Growing up my sister and I were obsessed with drawing floor plans and decorating houses. We would clip out furniture from IKEA and Freedom magazines and arrange flat-lay room designs- for hours on end! We would create elaborate flat-lay homes for our pretend families and have lively debates about whether the carpet we had chosen matched the lounge and if we liked the lighting choices. We would keep each room in a snap lock bag so that the pieces wouldn’t get mixed up. We were dedicated!

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Show us your food dance

Tip Top Food Dance

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Is there anything cuter than watching your kids get excited about food? Sometimes, as a treat for Tully in summer, we do a breakfast picnic in the garden. We make sandwiches, take fruit and enjoy them on the picnic table out the back.

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Shop for your shape & size with Sizeable


Confession time: I’d rather stab myself in the eye than go clothes shopping these days. The main reason being that over the last 7 years my body has morphed into a different shape after each pregnancy – and JUST when I get the hang of shopping for my new shape I fall pregnant – and I have to start from scratch! Two children later and I barely have time to brush my hair so taking hours to find a new wardrobe is not going to happen. Add to that the fact that I live an hour away from the closest major shopping centre, which usually means a day out at the shops ends up falling in the ‘too hard’ pile.

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Load up your iPad with kids’ movies for under $4

Movies under $4

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Over Christmas we headed away for a beach break. We went to Currawong, on Pittwater, which is only accessible by boat, and is a ‘back to basics’ kind of holiday. They have no wifi and no TV and it was going to be an opportunity for us all to take a bit of a break from screens. I packed my laptop (because I totally don’t count in the screen break…!) and an emergency iPad just incase I needed a break from Tully- but really… no screens!

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Win: Helleur Handmade Fabric Doll


*Congratulations to the winner of the custom made Helleur Handmade Ballerina Doll: Sacha P!*

So here’s the deal – my youngest son Mr Ashton is turning 1 in less than two weeks, and for the last 355 days I have been procrastinating about what keepsake I am going to buy my little man for his first birthday. And quite frankly it has been doing my head in!

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Win- Ice Age Live: a Mammoth Adventure tickets

Ice Age Live

Ice Age is one of my favourite animated movies ever. We first saw it with my son when he was three and he’s nearly 17 now! I can’t believe how much this generation of kids still love it- it’s as popular as it was when it was first released. So when I saw they were doing an Ice Age Live (and on ice) show I was so excited and I knew you guys would be too- so I’ve locked in some passes to give away.

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Ever wished that you could simply go to one website and be able to buy things for bub AND for yourself, because you know, life as a Mum is 24/7 and we barely get time to shower or use the bathroom let alone sit down and spend hours online shopping in peace?! Anyone? Am I right? Do I hear a chorus of ‘Hell YES’?
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Business Mamas Giveaway

Giveaway fromBusiness Mamas

As you know we have been plugging away with out Diploma of Business with Business Mamas. We will admit that its been a struggle and we aren’t as far through as we would have liked but when we need a bit of motivation we turn to our copy of Lisa Messenger’s book- Love & Life, Creating the Dream. Continue reading