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photo2-4In our house it’s all about bath time. It’s not uncommon to have three baths a day here! Thanks to a huge muddy garden and three adventurous little people it’s never ending.

As a mum it’s my job to make sure I’m using products that are kind to little peoples skin but also do the job and make them squeaky clean.

We currently have the full ChamonixRain Organics Skin Care Range in our bathroom.

We particularly love the baby bath wash, It just seems to last forever and perfect for us all to use as a family.  For a split second there is calmness and tranquility in the bath with the three kids popping all the bubbles and enjoying a good old fashioned bubble bath.  In the past I must admit I have neglected the kids in the bubble department.  I have sensitive skin and they also seemed to react to many products we tried in the past, so I stopped buying any.

I love that this range is so kind to little skin and they can all enjoy a bubble bath. A huge win for me is when they get out of the bath they all smell like a tropical holiday. Well maybe for a spilt second before the madness begins again…

Once bath time is over we love to use the decadent Coconut Body body butter & baby moisturiser.  They are a rich, creamy blend of Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients.  Moisturising gives me extra peace of mind that the kids skin is protected a little more from the elements during winter especially.  The pump makes it easy to apply and the kids can dress straight away as it absorbs instantly for luxuriously soft skin.

ChamomixRain Organics. Skincare the way Nature intended.

The ChamonixRain Organics skin care range is a luxurious blend of the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients which has been specially formulated to gently cleanse, moisturiser and protect your skin.  All products are 99.9% natural & do NOT contain any soaps, parabens, formaldehyde, SLS, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances.  The body wash is also mild enough to be used on the entire family including newborn delicate skin.

Special offer 25% off all Adult Skin Care Range. Code word at checkout; Stuffmumslike ends 13/5/14.

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