Chocolate Lover’s Easter Parfait Recipe

Chocolate Lover’s Easter Parfait Recipe

Chocolate Lover’s Easter Parfait Recipe

I’m obsessed with Easter, maybe even more than Christmas! Mainly because it’s all about chocolate and treats! It’s the perfect excuse to come up with new recipes that involve chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! This Easter parfait recipe involves hot cross buns, two types of chocolate eggs and chocolate mousse. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream!

This post is in collaboration with Woolworths

Here is everything you are going to need for your chocolate lover’s Easter parfait recipe

Chocolate Lover’s Easter Parfait Recipe

1 pack Woolworths Mocha Hot Cross Buns with Old Gold chocolate chips

Chocolate Lover’s Easter Parfait Recipe

Woolworths Pouring Custard (from the cold aisle)

Thickened Cream


Chocolate Mousse

Mini Eggs

Solid Chocolate Eggs


Chop your Mocha Hot Cross Buns into small squares and place in the bottom of the glass. You want to tightly pack them up against the glass to get the layers working for you.

Pour over some custard, but not too much or you’ll lose the layers.

The next layer is raspberries. Put them around the side of the glass then fill the middle as well.

Then it’s time for the chocolate mousse. Fill over the top of the raspberries in a layer, but don’t go too high, there is more to come!

Now add your solid chocolate eggs. The tip though is to cut them in half along the join line first. This makes it easier to line the glass.

Once you have layered your eggs it is time for your cream. Whip the cream with a beater until thick and fluffy. Fill the glass to the top with the cream.

Place your Mini Eggs in a bowl and crush some of them gently with the handle of a rolling pin. Once some are crushed, sprinkle the whole eggs and crushed eggs on top of the cream. Serve immediately!

Enjoy our Easter parfait recipe? Want more ways to use your hot cross buns? Here are 5 ways you can use your left over hot cross buns. Or try our French Toast Hot Cross Buns. We also have the ultimate Easter grazing platter!

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