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I’m pretty sure that swimsuit shopping is the thing every mum dreads the most once the weather gets warm. Squeezing into tiny dressing rooms with fluro lighting, having size 6 super models barge in while you’re trapped with a swimsuit half way up your thighs, contemplating whether you need to cut yourself out of it so you can escape!

With that in mind Sirens Swimwear has created Ship the Shop- where you pay $199 and they send you five different styles to your home so that you can try them on in peace! Then, just select the one you like and send the rest back in the prepaid satchel!

So before you shop lets chat about what style suits you…

Pear shape


If you’re pear shaped you want to choose a swimsuit that has good coverage across the bum, rather than something high cut. Also, as a mum there’s nothing worse than bending over to pick up a million toys at the beach and flashing the people next to you. Make sure the top has a good lift and a bit of padding, to help balance you out a bit. You can also totally rock a ruffle in the top.

Big boobs, small bum

big boobs

If you’re all about the boobs then you need some good support! Choose a swimsuit with underwire or great structure and go for thicker straps or a good halter neck. Go for a V neck so you don’t end up with a ‘mono boob’ situation!

Apple shape


If you have the boobs, the bum and a bit of a  ‘mummy tummy’ choose a style with good coverage in the bottom, great breast support and also some ruching across the stomach. This gives you a smooth looking stomach and covers up any insecurities.

Rectangle shape


If you’re rocking the rectangle then you can embrace a bit of bulk in your swimsuit. You can choose ones with ruffles to or embellishments to play up the areas you want to highlight. If you want to look like you have bigger boobs then choose a top with some padding and bulk.

Hourglass shape


If you have an hourglass figure you can pretty much take your pick in styles! Just remember to support your boobs if you are on the bigger cup size and if you have a bit of a ‘mummy tummy’ choose something with some ruching.

If you would like to take the pain out of swimsuit shopping head over to and select your favourite five styles and Ship the Shop! 

PS I’m an apple shape with big boobs and I chose the swimsuit featured. I LOVE it!

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