Selling Your House? Here’s How to Choose an Agent

How to choose an agent

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Every day I open my letterbox and I have a new invite from a real estate who REALLY, REALLY wants to help us sell our house. These flyers often end up in the fire or the recycling bin. I’m good at helping the environment like that.

Real estate agent shopping can be harder than finding an LBD (little black dress) that’s the perfect fit. I am sure I have tried on more than 200 little black dresses in my life, but I only own two.

There are so many agents giving the sell out there. How do you pick the right person who could potentially make or break your property sale? Here’s my take on the whole thing… #youarewelcome

1 Get a recommendation from a family member or friend who has great feedback about an agent. Just ask more than one person. Recent sale details are the most useful. #unclefredcanforget

2 Ask on Social Media for recommendations. But be prepared to have everyone recommend their Aunt, brother, Uncle Fred and next door neighbour from 15 years ago. #neverworkwithfamily

choose an agent

3 Stalk your local hood. Make “drive by” an actual real life adventure and take photos of all the SOLD signs. Then go home. Google the agency. Or contact the agent and start your homework. This may require a few trips and also phone calls and emails. Try not be mistaken as a robber or stalker outside a home – you don’t want to end up getting arrested. #secretlifeofahousewife

4 Check out property section of your local paper and what agents are selling. This will probably only help you work out who has the biggest advertising budget not actually help you pick the right person. #spendingyourcash

choose an agent

5 Those advert flyers I love so much have contact details on them with often a very professional photo. Collect as many as you can and start working through them. However, remember once you give your details you are now considered a “lead”. It is their job to follow up or win you as a customer. #bepreparedfor1000calls

6 Or take my advice after learning the hard way: Splash out on a nice Pinot, sit in front of the fire (burning nicely with flyers) and check out RateMyAgent.

choose an agent

This is a one-stop drama free place to help you shop for the right agent.

Consider it like a website full of every single LBD in Australia in one place that has been tried and tested with reviews from every person that has worn it out. #Genius

RateMyAgent may not sell you the perfect little black dress but you will find an agent in your area that can help you sell your home. RateMyAgent is Australia’s no. 1 real estate agent rankings and reviews website. With 3,000+ reviews added by genuine vendors each and every week, you can be sure to find a suitable estate agent to sell your home. #winning

This is written in collaboration with RateMyAgent who are kindly keeping us stocked up in LBDs 😉

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