Christmas Brunch for under $75

Christmas Brunch for under $75

Christmas Brunch for under $75

This post is in collaboration with Woolworths

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, and this year will be especially tough for many. But Christmas doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. This year, in my Christmas on a Budget series, I have created a Christmas brunch for 10 people for under $75. That’s under $7.50 per person! 

Everything was either purchased from Woolworths or already in my pantry. The key to keeping it affordable is to have a menu plan so that you are reusing your ingredients. For this I used all my dozen eggs, used cream and maple syrup in different dishes and you can use all the ice cream too. 

Let’s see what’s on the menu…

Christmas Brunch for under $75

Pancake Platter

Christmas Brunch for under $75

This pancake platter is easy to make and looks amazing! It’s a real ‘WOW’ centrepiece for your table. Here’s what I used and how much it cost:

2x Woolworths Buttermilk Pancake Shaker – $1.50 each

Woolworths Strawberry Jam – $2.10

Nutella (in my pantry already)

100’s & 1000’s (in my pantry already)

Woolworths Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – $5

Strawberries – $3

Blueberries – $4

Raspberries – $3

2x passionfruit – $1.20 each

White sugar (in my pantry already)

Woolworths 100% Canadian Maple Syrup – $6

Lemon – $1.80

Total cost – $27.10

This made 12 pancakes that are average sized, or you could make mini ones if you like. To make it, cook two stacks of pancakes and then place some small bowls on the platter. Fill the bowls with any toppings you have. The key to keeping the cost down is using stuff you have in our kitchen. So you might have several types of jam and then cream and ice cream. Or add fruit like bananas, pineapple or peach. Even brown sugar and pineapple would be yum! Get creative with your toppings.

Once you have filled your bowls and placed them, fill in the  gaps with fruit. This makes your platter look abundant. Everyone will love being able to choose their own toppings.

Croissant French Toast

Christmas Brunch for under $75

Make your French toast next level by using croissants instead of regular bread. Dip your croissants into a sweet egg bath and then bake in the oven. Here’s what I used, how much it cost, and how to make it!

2 x Woolworths All Butter Croissants (4 pack) – $2.50 each

2x Woolworths All Butter Croissants (3 pack) – $2.50 each

Woolworths Free Range eggs (half of a 12 pack) – $4.50

Woolworths Thickened Cream – $3

Cinnamon (from the pantry)

Vanilla Bean Paste (from the pantry)

Woolworths 100% Canadian Maple Syrup (same bottle I used for the pancakes)

Strawberries – $3

Blueberries – $4

Total = $24.50

So here is how you make it!

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. You’ll need a large baking dish (or two smaller ones).

Combine 6 eggs, 1 ¼ cup of thickened cream, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, a teaspoon of Vanilla Bean Paste and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Beat together.

Cut your croissants in half and dip them in the egg wash. Place in the baking tray. You want them nice and snug against each other.

Once they are all dipped, bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve with berries sprinkled on top and some icing sugar. You can use the ice cream, cream and/or the maple syrup we have already bought to serve with it!

Breakfast Wraps

Christmas Brunch for under $75

These breakfast wraps are great for visitors who aren’t looking for a sweet start to the day (not me, but each to their own!). They are really easy to make, and affordable. Let’s look at what I used.

Woolworths White Wraps – $2

Eggs (I used the other 6 from the carton I bought)

200g Shortcut bacon (from the Woolworths Deli) – $2.40

Avocado – $3.20

Baby Spinach Salad Bag – $2

Milk (from the fridge)

Cheese (from the fridge)

Total – $9.60

Beat the eggs and add milk then scramble them. Make sure they are quite dry so that your wraps don’t go soggy. Fry your bacon at the same time.

Spread each wrap with some avocado, add scrambled eggs, grated cheese, bacon and then baby spinach. Wrap tightly and slice in half then arrange on the plate.

Sweet Plate

Christmas Brunch for under $75

This one is just an easy little table display of delicious Christmas must haves. It’s especially perfect for if you have people just dropping by quickly. They can grab and go.

Woolworths Gold Gin Infused Pear & Riberry Fruit Mince Tarts – $9

Woolworths Candy Canes assorted – $1

Total = $10

I just displayed these on a wooden board with some icing sugar sprinkled on top. They look pretty on the table and mince tarts and candy canes are a must on Christmas Day.

All up, the total cost of all this food comes to $71.20! So I stayed under my budget and everyone loved the food. You don’t have to make everything either, pick and choose what works for you and your family. You might just want to do a giant pancake platter!

*This doesn’t include the cost for the Christmas bon bons included on the table in the video and photos.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Brunch for under $75. Make sure you also check out my Christmas Lunch for under $150 and my All New Christmas Lunch for under $150 for more Christmas on a budget ideas.


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