Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

This post is in collaboration with Woolworths

How do you spend Christmas Day? Do you split it between houses or rotate hosting duties? Here in my family, we host every year. It’s the easiest with the kids because they never want to leave their presents! Also, my sister and I already live together in a duplex so majority rules! 

However, just because we host, it doesn’t mean we have to spend hours in the kitchen on Christmas Day. We have a simple breakfast, then I’m in charge of dessert, my husband cooks the meat and everyone else brings a plate. We usually cook a turkey, my dad brings ham, my mum brings fish and I spend months planning dessert, then make pavlova (again!).

This year, if you are hosting or bringing a plate, I want to help you find some easy Christmas options that are simple to prepare and don’t require a lot of attention in the oven. Thanks to Woolworths, I have some meat dishes (plus sides) for you, and they all took about an hour to cook.

These products are from Woolworths’ new and exclusive last minute Christmas range which was unveiled on Friday. But be quick as these mouth-watering dishes won’t be around for long!

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

Option 1 – Woolworths Gold Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast with Spiced Pink Lady Apple & Pistachio Stuffing

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

This is an all new recipe from last year. It’s boneless turkey breast with cranberry butter and it comes with a ready to use apple and berry glaze. For really easy sides, I bought some pre-prepared veggies from Woolies ready meals section – the Mixed Rainbow Vegetables – and then added some squash as well.

I put it in a baking dish, glazed it and let it cook for an hour. I cooked the veggies in a separate dish with some olive oil and they took about 40 minutes.

Option 2 –  Gold Boneless Turducken with Fig & Pistachio Stuffing 

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

This is one for the meat lovers (my son’s dream meal)! It’s duck fillet, stuffed with fig and pistachio , stuffed in free range chicken breast, which is, in turn, stuffed into turkey and then wrapped in bacon! It’s all hand rolled and ready to cook. 

Succulent free range turkey raised in the region of the Southern Highlands of NSW, encasing moist, free range chicken breast and Australian grown duck fillet, wrapped in bacon and garnished with fresh rosemary. Hand rolled and ready to roast in a convenient oven tray. 

I’ve served this with Kent pumpkin slices, parmesan potatoes and some red onion and zucchini on the side. All you need for this is one small baking dish for the meat and another for the veggies. The meat took a little under an hour, and the potatoes and pumpkin around 45 minutes. Zucchini and onion takes about 15 minutes.

Option 3 – Gold Free Range Boneless Turkey Crown with Bacon Lattice 

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

This free range turkey is hand rolled and ready to roast in its own easy oven tray. It has chestnut, bacon and thyme stuffing, and it’s wrapped in a bacon lattice. The sides I’ve used are duck fat potatoes with truffle oil, Kent pumpkin slices and some roasted rainbow veggies. 

The turkey took a little under an hour to cook, while the veggies took about the same. This was an easy one because it was ‘set and forget’ and they both came out of the oven ready to serve at the same time.

Now that we have the mains out of the way, let’s talk about the most important part of the meal… dessert! 

Christmas desserts

My top two Christmas desserts this year will take you about one minute to prepare!

First up, the Woolworths Gold Roasted Hazelnuts & Chocolate Pudding. This one is soooo good! I could have it all to myself. It takes about 45 seconds in the microwave, flip it onto a plate and it’s ready to serve!

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

My other favourite is the Woolworths Hidden Surprise Christmas Drip Cake. With red and green layers of cake, buttercream and chocolate surprises inside, it will be a hit with the kids especially at Christmas. (My daughter hasn’t stopped asking about it since I bought it!). It’s ready to serve, just pop it on a platter or cake stand!

Christmas dinner on the table in an hour

I hope these easy dishes help you plan for Christmas Day and help keep you out of the kitchen, so you can spend less time cooking and more time with family.

Merry Christmas!




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