Christmas Planning

Christmas Planning: Start your shopping early

Christmas Planning

One of the ways I plan for Christmas is to start shopping early. And I mean October early! As soon as Christmas is out in the shops, I’m onto it. I start by planning my theme, and then I look for all the pieces that go with it. I’m talking wrapping paper, decorations, table settings – the lot.

This post is in collaboration with Woolworths

I’m not someone that redesigns our Christmas tree decorations every year. I’m a big believer in a Christmas tree of memories, rather than changing the theme every year, but this doesn’t extend to my wrapping or table themes.

Christmas Planning: Styling

This year I’ve been choosing between Woolworths’ ‘Romance’ theme (think silver, soft purples, mint, and blush pink), or their ‘Starlit’ theme (gold, silver, navy blue). While in life I’m definitely more drawn to the ‘romance’ theme, I just love the ‘Starlit’ theme as it’s so different to anything I’ve seen on offer before so that’s the one I’m going with! I have already picked up my bonbons, wrapping paper, plates, cups, and napkins, as well as a few little trinkets that fit the theme. Note: While stocks last only, so get in quick

I’ve also started picking up the little things the kids love – reindeer ears, Santa hats, some cute decorations. If you’re just spending $3-5 here and there you don’t notice the hit in your shopping bill.

Christmas Planning: Food

There are a whole bunch of Christmas food items you can start buying now, that will last until Christmas. You’ll see that fruit mince pies, fruit cakes, puddings, biscuits, and rum balls are all appearing on the shelf at Woolworths. I’ve picked up some Woolworths Summer Berry Mince Pies (way better than regular fruit mince pies in my opinion), some of the Gold Roasted Almond Shortbread (it’s amazing) and the Woolworths Christmas Shortbread in the paper bag in the baked good section. Just a disclaimer though, these won’t last until Christmas. They aren’t packaged to last, plus, you’ll probably finish them before you get home. They are AMAZING! They are candy cane flavoured and I’ll be buying a pack every week until Christmas!

Christmas Planning: Shopping

To help you prepare for Christmas and not break the bank, we have put together an easy, downloadable shopping list with everything you can buy early. Cross them off over the next six weeks and you’ll be ready to go!

Christmas Planning shopping list

Download it now!

What else do you buy in the lead up to Christmas? 

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