Clearing your baby’s nose with NoseFrida


When I was getting everything organised before my baby was born I made sure that I had all the essentials in case he got sick. I knew I didn’t want to be racing to the chemist in the middle of the night. On my list was baby Panadol, Vicks, a humidifier and Little Fess baby nasal spray. I was also recommended NoseFrieda and am I glad I listened to that one! Sure enough my two-week old bubba caught a cold… It was awful listening to him snuffling and struggling to breathe.

We used a combination of different things to help him but by far the most useful was the NoseFrieda. My husband was the one to try it out. He placed one end against his tiny nostril and placed the tube in his mouth and sucked in. Mucus flew into the cylinder; it was amazing how much came out!

Watching this totally freaked me out as I imagined the mucus flying into my husband’s mouth (I assure you this is absolutely impossible!) and I was a bit squeamish about having to do it myself. The cold carried on for the next few days and finally my husband went back to work, now I knew that I had to do it! I finally mustered up the courage and it was actually better doing it myself that watching someone else doing it (and no- there was not snot in my mouth!!!).

It was very satisfying listening to my tiny baby’s nose clear so that he could breath properly. Thank goodness my baby hasn’t been sick since but if he is I know I’m prepared!


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