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Cluey Learning: The perfect mix of online and personal tutoring

Cluey Learning

Tully just completed first grade last year and for a lot of kindy and year 1 she was a bit behind the other kids in reading. She was doing ok, but it just felt like it hadn’t ‘clicked’ for her yet. She was struggling with reading with expression and sometimes she took so long to read a paragraph that she didn’t really absorb what had happened in the story, which made comprehension a bit of a struggle sometimes.

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It felt like she finally clicked about August last year, after we got back from an overseas holiday. She was finally reading more fluently, with more understanding. However, she still needed a bit more work to catch up. So when Cluey Learning asked me if Tully wanted to try out two of their tutoring sessions, of course I said yes!

Cluey Learning – How It Works

Cluey Learning combines online tutoring with a personal tutoring service. The student communicates with their tutor via video chat while they complete their work on their shared digital whiteboard. All their tutors are personally matched to the student’s personality and needs. All tutors are highly qualified. They are either teachers, training to be teachers or high ATAR achievers. They all have WWC checks and they combine your state’s curriculum with your child’s needs and their own experience.

Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning provides tutoring for children from year 2-12 in English, Maths and Chemistry. Their content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and considers state-by-state variations.

Cluey Learning – Tutoring Tully

As Tully finished school at the start of December last year, she had plenty of time to do a bit of extra learning. Before our sessions I completed a Q&A about her, to help Cluey pick the best tutor for her. Tully really responds to teaching by younger female teachers so that’s who she was matched with. Tully was matched with Lisa, who has Bachelor of Education Primary 2018, from Curtin University.

Before our first session Cluey Learning sent us a link to do a tech check to make sure the session would run smoothly. Tully logged on and met Lisa, who then did a series of activities with Tully to see where she was up to and what she needed help with. She checked her reading level and they looked at different nouns and how they worked in sentence structure.

Cluey Learning

The activities were a combination of reading out loud, answering comprehension questions and doing drag and drop and typing activities on the virtual whiteboard.

What Tully thought

“It was really fun. I really liked the activities where we got to sort out the nouns. I didn’t know nouns were feelings too.”

What I thought

I really liked the ease, the simplicity and the fact I didn’t have to go anywhere. I found that I did need to help Tully a bit but that’s because she’s not that good with the laptop yet and I didn’t realise we needed a mouse. She hasn’t really mastered the track pad yet. I did get to step away a bit though and I thought Lisa was great. She was very patient and really wanted Tully to work things out for herself. It made me realise that when I’m helping her, I often just give her the answer and that I should let he take more time to work it out for herself. Having a person, rather than just a computer program, made it feel a bit more like someone was monitoring the program and was tailoring it specifically to Tully’s needs.

What does it cost?

Sessions run for 45 minutes to an hour depending on the age, and cost $45 for years 2-6 and $80 for 7-12.

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