Cotton On Group Christmas Launch


What a day! Today Lynsey and I were invited to attend the Cotton On Group Christmas Launch… in Geelong! So we headed off to the airport and the bright and early time of 5am, to meet our PR girl and the 18 other journalists/bloggers we were travelling with. After a frantic start to the morning, which included a closed road and a lot of traffic, we finally made it to the airport, swung into valet parking because we were running too late, bolted through security and down to the gate… and there wasn’t a soul there! Confused, we looked around, only to be told our flight was cancelled due to fog! Noooo!

After we finally tracked our group down we found out that we couldn’t all get on another flight until 9:30am- 2.5 hours after we were originally supposed to leave. We felt so bad for the girls down at Cotton On Group, who had planned an amazing day for us, only to have it cut in half by the weather!

Lucky for us we met an amazing group of girls to keep us company on the wait- one of the best things about these media events is the lovely girls you get to hang out with. We were all well and truly bonded by the time we got on the plane to Tullamarine, and then the bus to Geelong!


Finally we arrived… at lunch time! We quickly ate the delicious food that Cotton On has set out for is and then it was off to preview all the exciting products in the Cotton On Group’s shops. We toured Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton on Kids, The T’Shirt Bar and Typo and everywhere was amazing products that we absolutely LOVED!

Below is a whole heap of pics we took- make sure you keep your eye out for all this in the lead up to Christmas!

Thanks for inviting us Cotton On, despite (and maybe even because of) the hiccups we had SO much fun! Now we are counting down to next Christmas lol!

Cotton On preview

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