Cotton on Kids Easter Giveaway

It’s no secret how much we LOVE Cotton on Kids and we are so in love with their Easter Collection. We love Cotton on kids for their great affordable value and leading kids styles that make our little people excited to get dressed. We don’t have to use “paleo” as an excuse not to buy chocolate this year!
Check out the gorgeous affordable offerings from Cotton on Kids and hide ditch the chocolate!

To start with we need to tell everyone about these gorgeous face masks and tail sets from $6 online. YES! SIX DOLLARS!

Here is our top 6 favourites from the Easter collection. WARNING it’s Cuteness overload!

1. Evie hair clips (3 for $10). 2. Kate hoodies (2 for $35). 3. April coin purse (6.95). 4. Bunny bibs (2 for $15). 5. Mini SS Bubby ($14.95). 6. Mr Bunny Pjs (2 for $40). Available online or a selection in store now.

To celebrate this gorgeous collection that’s available on line and in store now the lovely team at Cotton on Kids have given us a $150 EASTER HAMPER to GIVEAWAY to a lucky fan!
To enter all you have to do is enter below


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55 thoughts on “Cotton on Kids Easter Giveaway

  1. Hayley moore

    I think I would like to start new traditions this year as its my first with a daughter- I am thinking an Easter egg hunt, hot crossed buns for brekkie and maybe a family trip to a farm to see some chicks etc?

  2. Chantel Wilson

    E- eating toasted hot cross buns oh my goodness they are so yum
    A- after that a treasure hunt yay so fun
    S- spending time with family & friends
    T- thats our easter trend
    E- eating chocolate and lots of it
    R- relaxing & enjoying the long weekend

  3. Danielle Tassan

    Good Friday is church, seafood feast for lunch & a swim in the pool.
    Easter Sunday starts with an Easter egg hunt,
    Homemade hot cross buns for brekky and a beach picnic for lunch.

  4. Karly

    Our son is 7 this year so we’ve asked him if he’d still like the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs around the house, or if he’d like us to get a message to him just to leave his eggs on the end of his bed. He’s still up of an egg hunt – yah! It’s as much fun hiding them as it is helping him find them.

  5. Isabelle Pearce

    Our favourite tradition is to make our own easter baskets 🙂 the kids love decorating the milk bottles we use as baskets!

  6. Julia Mason

    Our tradition is waking up early and finding the hidden eggs, then having a Healthy Breakfast, and saving the eggs for later!! 🙂

  7. Michelle Richard

    Our tradition is always easter bunny footprints through the house and an egg hunt in the morning. Lunch at the grandparents and sometimes another egg hunt too!

  8. Di

    Easter Saturday spent painting dozens of hard boiled eggs, which we then take turns smashing against each other before lunch on Easter Sunday, to find the one champion Egg. My Gran has a display cabinet filled with all the winning eggs.

  9. Mallary Evarettz

    We have a family fish and chips night on good Friday with the grandparents. On Easter morning my daughter is given a few small Easter related books, a teddy and some new pjs. This is her second Easter, I will be having my 2nd daughter on Easter Monday this year.

  10. Rebecca Baker

    It used to be all weekend benders,
    Now its chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea!
    Lots of smiles and laughs for free.
    Family time is treasured!

  11. Amanda Gorton

    It has somehow become tradition that every year it we go to the Easter Show in Sydney and every year it has somehow become tradition that it is a disastrous day! We become separated from another, there is always disagreements that result in arguments about what to do next, it pours rains, and once our even car broke down on the way! Ironically we always look back and say we had a great day!

  12. blakester

    Easter hunt in the morning following cut out bunny feet 🙂 My mum did it when we were little and the tradition is still going now im an adult 🙂

  13. Stacey Shailer

    Making hot cross buns…the kids insist on piping the crosses on themselves, with some hilarious and wonky results 🙂

  14. Brenda kapsley

    we hide the eggs in the kids rooms so no fighting over who gets what we also get pj’s and books for easter so not as much chocolate is consumed

  15. Amanda Gorham

    I have 3 daughters and we all love going to the Easter Show on Good Friday- this year there is a new food and it’s called CAKE ON A STICK! We simply cannot wait!

  16. LittlePoppet

    We ALWAYS have a family bbq out in the scrub at the farm. With an Easter egg hunt of course! So much fun.

  17. Holly

    We have a community easter egg hunt followed by a community breakfast, everyone brings a dish to share. They kids have a fantastic time and the adults get to catch up! Gets a bit crazy with 100 kids trying to find eggs, but so much fun!!!!

  18. laura

    Easter egg hunt with the kids, then spend the rest of the day running the kids around trying to wear them out after their sugar high.

  19. Emma

    A very early Easter Egg hunt (actually we repeat the hunt about 5 times over the course of the day, with the amount of eggs reducing each time!!). This year we will be in Sydney for a holiday so we will be doing a mobile hunt.

  20. Teena Lewis

    We go camping with our group of friends every Easter! Its fun watching the kids find the eggs in the bush, but they have to be quick because here in Darwin they melt pretty fast!

  21. tizzerina

    My brother and I see how many easter eggs we can shove in our mouth. its our tradition and I havent one once!! lol

  22. Karla Oleinikoff

    The Easter Bunny always hides the eggs in the back yard in some very creative spots, and the kiddies all help each other find them all.

  23. Ariel Riley

    Our Easters are all about food.
    Fish and Chips on Friday.
    BBQ on Saturday.
    Pancake Breakfast on Sunday.
    And delicious chocolate chilli on Monday.

  24. Lauren A

    Every year, for the last 15 years, we’ve camped on a friend’s property in the rainforest, with several other families, and on Easter Sunday morning host a huge egg hunt around the property, complete with written clues. That night, after a roast dinner around the fire, the kids put on a concert for us, complete with skits and musical numbers. Several local residents make a point of coming along to our concert each year.

  25. Kelly Sellick

    We always wake up to a massive Easter egg hunt, that everyone joins in. And after, a breakfast of chocolate! Not very nutritional, but it’s fun for one day a year!

  26. Kirstin Trehan

    We love to relax for the whole 4 days and do as little as possible. My oldest son goes camping with his friends now and this will be the first year my daughter is aware of the Easter bunny and finding hidden eggs so that will be great to watch her

  27. Lily Nguyen

    Doing a massive Easter Egg hunt for all the kids in the family. I don’t just hide eggs but little gifts as well such as bunny ears and toy bunnies.

  28. sapna

    Kids love to dress up as bunnies for the Easter egg hunt at our home & every Easter we click a family picture ,print it and write the year on the back of it – It feels great to look at last year’s pics.

  29. laura powers

    Easter egg hunt to start the day I tie ribbon to the end of the kids beds and weave it through the house with hidden goodies along the way

  30. Helena Leung

    Our family goes to church in the morning, to remind ourselves that Easter is about Jesus, then it’s back to my Mum’s place with the whole extended family. All the adults bring a plate of delicious home made treats and all the kids get super excited for a good old back yard Easter egg hunt 🙂 Uncle Jono is always in charge and the kids rush around like headless chooks, while the grown ups look on from the balcony and laugh 🙂

  31. Mia Wilson

    Each year I buy all the kids cute easter pyjamas, I get everyone dressed in them and we sit around the night before and the kids do easter colouring in pics and we spend some quality family time together, enjoy a nice dinner, before tucking them into bed and waiting for the Easter bunny to visit.

  32. kasee

    My families easter tradition is always a easter egg hunt first up then a yummy bbq breakfast and hot cross buns.

  33. belinda s

    Our twins are always in a rush to get out of bed and search the yard for hidden eggs. After several checks and re-checks, the eggs are brought inside, counted and shared out equally. Then comes the great negotiation to determine how many eggs they should eat each day. What a temptation for me!!

  34. Lynette Hamilton

    We have a huge family breakfast then the Kids wait on great nan hiding the EASTER eggs. The Easter bunny then arrives. She’s 79 and still going strong 😉


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