Cotton on Kids new sleepwear range has launched!

Let’s talk bedtime and sleepwear!

Pjs or “Jammies” are kind of a big deal in our house. It’s a massive event for mummy getting Mr J (age 4) and the Twinnies (age 3) into their jammies and ready for bed. Sometimes bedtime can be an Olympic event.

It’s no secret how much we LOVE Cotton On Kids here at Stuff Mums Like. We got to preview the new range and our little road testers got hot off the press samples to make sure they passed our seal of approval….

A few things are important to us when it comes to sleepwear and there is a few tests to pass…

When I buy a size 4 I want it to fit my boy who’s a 4. I don’t want to keep it in a drawer for a year. The twins are slim but tall. I struggle with a lot of shops to get the right sizes. We are wearing a 2 still in some brands. The sizes of the Cotton on Kids range are SPOT ON!! This is very rare for us in sleepwear.

The twins are total divas (like mummy) and will only wear the finest attire to bed. No cheap, plaid flannette worn to bed in this house when we have cupboards packed with fun print tees and sparkly pants! Mr J is super hero obsessed with also a love for animals. He’s fussy with his style and its a 50/50% chance he will wear anything he has not picked himself. When I brought the sleepwear home there was squeals of delight and they all picked their styles immediately. Gold and polkadots for the animal lover/princess. Soft Pink with “birdies” for little miss everything must be pink, Bold stripes and a super hero theme for Captain Adventure!


Comfort and fit:
No itchy materials or drawstrings are welcome. The kids are super independent (read that as they are wild) and must be able to change their jammies themselves and not struggle with any drawstrings or poppers.
No patches, tags, drawstrings, poppers, buttons in sight that will cause any thing to annoy them or get in the way of toilet training. WIN!

I really really wish I took a photo of what the kids looked like the morning after wearing their Jammies… No one wanted to take them off and it was a home day which turned into a rainy day. After a slide around the garden they got stinking. I was worried when washing them that the lovely gold rabbit would come off or the whites would look grotty however a normal wash and they looked like new! All sparkly and just perfect!

What we love most is the fun styles available and the super cute styles that really work even mixed up.
The kids have been begging to get into their new jammies and I even used the old, “have a bath and you can wear your jammies” line tonight….

As a mum of three good affordable value and great quality combined is VERY important – The sleep sets are two for $40 or $29.99 each.

The new sleepwear collection will be available for you to buy online at in Australia and NZ from 23rd February.



Stuff Mums Like are proud to be road testers of the cotton on kids range. It’s our job to share only the BEST with you! All photos and comments are created by

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