Mars Bar Slice Recipe – the ultimate childhood throwback

Mars Bar slice recipeSo I have a confession to make – up until this week I had never made or eaten Mars Bar slice. NEVER!  It’s not the kind of dessert my mum would ever have made as a kid, and up until year 5 I went to a school where we never really had sugar. Carob was our chocolate. So I was just as excited as Tully to make this Mars Bar slice recipe! I was always jealous of the kids who had it in their lunchbox!

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Sing Family Movie Night- with Bonus Cupcakes

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Family movie nights are one of our most popular family bonding activities. We are all massive movie lovers and we love nothing better than watching movies and then discussing them (sometimes very passionately!). While my husband and the teenagers do a weekly family movie night we also try and include Tully as well. There has been a great range of family movies released recently on DVD and Blu-Ray and one of our favourites is SING!

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