Creating memories with the Canon Selphy


16 years ago, when I had my first baby, we were still using film to take our photos. We didn’t have a lot of money so we limited ourselves to one roll a week, budgeting the cost of buying a film and developing it into our weekly spend. 13 years later, every single second of Tully’s babyhood is documented. We must have over 10 000 photos of her- I’m pretty sure if I printed them all I would have a flip book of her whole life. But I do notice that, despite the 10 000+ photos, we haven’t printed many out. My older kids have photo albums to look at but all Tully’s pics are stored on the computer.

When I was offered the Canon Selphy to review I knew it was time to start printing my photos! The Canon Selphy is a tiny printer that prints your photos, photo sized and ready to go. I have photo paper for my regular printer but I rarely use it as I still have to trim the pics (and I can’t cut in a straight line!)- it just ends up too much trouble.

Probably the thing I love most about the Selphy (apart from it’s tiny size) is that you can print straight from your phone using the wifi capabilities of the printer- so you don’t even need to plug it in. This has Tully and Zali obsessed- Zali has been printing out all her photos, and created the photo collage above, while Tully just loves being able to print pictures and look at them. It seems having them not on the computer is quite the novelty!

Canon Selphy

The Selphy is great for scrap booking, vision boards and anything else you need photos for. I’ve found it fantastic for school assignments as well- it’s so quick and easy!

You can see below how the process works- basically the printer prints the photo four times, using different colours, to create the final photo. Watching the process is a bit like seeing film develop and it’s Tully’s favourite part!

Canon Selphy

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