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Crunch and Sip – 10 easy ideas

crunch and sip

Are you struggling to think of crunch and sip ideas every day? Are your kids getting bored of the same old cut up apple or mandarin? The morning rush can be bad enough without trying to think of new things to make every day. Here are ten fresh, new ideas for you to help mix things up!

Firstly, get your kids involved in what they will eat (in the hope of avoiding food left at the end of the day) and write up a list of what fruit and veggies they would like to eat. If they are involved in the decision making they are more likely to eat what you pack.

Crunch and Sip idea 1- houmous and carrot sticks

This is a great, easy idea (if your school doesn’t mind houmous at that time of the day).

Crunch and Sip idea 2- peas and Corn

Cold peas and corn can be a great option. They are quick and easy to eat and most kids love them. Just remember to pack a spoon!

Crunch and Sip idea 3- melon balls

Melon balls are an easy fruit idea. Turning them into balls makes them extra exciting! You can use watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew melon. You can also try pawpaw as well!

Crunch and Sip idea 4- veggie sticks

Go further than just carrots and celery. Pack cucumber, capsicum strips, green beans- whatever you know they will love! Add in some cheese sticks for some protein if you like.

Crunch and Sip ideas

Crunch and Sip idea 5- melon and grapes on paddle pop sticks

Treading some melon and grapes on paddlepop sticks will give them a new shine for the kids. Just remember to cut your grapes in half to prevent choking.

Crunch and Sip idea 6- mixed berries

A container of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries (or any combo of these) are sure to be a winner with the kids!

Crunch and Sip idea 7- roast veggies and chickpeas

If you have a little one that it more of an adventurous eater then cold roast vegetables and roasted chickpeas make a great crunch and sip option.

Crunch and Sip idea 8- berries and yoghurt

Create a container with some yoghurt and berries. Yogurt will help fill them up a bit longer which is great for those extra hungry kids.

Crunch and Sip idea 9- salad bag

If your child is partial to salad, make them up a ziplock bag with some carrot, lettuce, capsicum, tomato- whatever your child likes.

Crunch and Sip idea 10- fruit salad

If your child is bored of the same fruit every day and they aren’t getting through it, how about trying a tub of fruit salad, with the fruit cut into small, bite-sized pieces.

Crunch and Sip ideas



crunch and sip ideas

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