Cruzee Balance Bike Review

Learning to ride with Cruzee

Balance bikes have revolutionised the way we teach our children how to ride a bike. I remember when I was seven years old and my dad took my training wheels off for the first time. We were on holidays in Byron Bay and there was a footpath out the front of our house with a slight hill. He took me to the top, walked along with me and as I started gaining speed he let go and I whizzed down the hill. As soon as I realised he wasn’t holding on anymore I freaked out and promptly fell off. I had no idea at all about balance as I had been riding with training wheels for so long! I am sure this is a common story amongst our childhoods. Lucky for our children the balance bike was invented!

I first noticed balance bikes when I was living in London in my twenties about ten years ago. I saw all these tiny kids zipping around on these wooden bikes without peddles. I immediately realised how much easier it would be to learn to ride a bike this way. It is a much more gradual process that teaches the child how to balance and gain confidence on two wheels.

DSC_0048I have been counting down for Mylo to be old enough to ride a balance bike. He is currently twenty months so I decided I wanted to get him one for Christmas. I decided to do some research on balance bikes so I of course turned to Facebook and asked some experienced mums which bike they thought was the best. I had always assumed that I would get Mylo a wooden one like I had seen those children riding in London many years ago, I didn’t even realise they were made from anything else, so I was surprised with the overwhelming advice that I MUST get him a Cruzee! So many mums were raving about this bike I had to try it.

I was lucky enough to be sent a Cruzee bike for road testing. It arrived within two days, I was annoyed that my husband wasn’t at home at the time as I wanted him to put it together for me straight away. I opened the box and pulled out the pieces and was very happy to find that it came in four pieces that easily slotted together without any tools at all. I was also really surprised how light it was. I knew that Cruzee claimed to be the lightest bike on the market but I was actually really surprised just how light it was to carry at 1.9kg. Not only will it be light for Mylo to pick up and ride but for me as I no doubt drag it from park to park!


As soon as Mylo saw it he was yelling “bike!” and demanding to get on it. I took him across the road to the park to give it a spin. He got straight on and it only took him a few minutes to figure out what to do with it. Now of course he didn’t zoom off into the distance immediately, more of a slow toddle, but with practice I am sure he be zooming about town in no time. I also gave my three and a half year old niece Tully a go. She has never been on a bike before and is quite hesitant about things like that. The bike is very easy to adjust for children of different ages and heights. She got right on and rode up the footpath. She loved it!


If you are thinking of getting a balance bike for your little one I would most definitely recommend a Cruzee. I can’t believe I was thinking of getting a wooden one, the lightweight aluminium is just so much easier to handle.

Things that I love about the Cruzee:

It is relatively cheap, retailing at about $170

It is super lightweight at 1.9 kg

It is made from anodised aluminium so it wont rust

It comes in an amazing range of colours with a sparkly sapphire finish

The tyres are EVA so they wont get a puncture or deflate

It is designed to last, children can use it from one to six years of age


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