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My first daughter rejected anything ‘girly’ when she was little- everything she owned and did had to be exactly the same as her big bother- no exceptions. You were more likely to see her in khaki pants and a t’shirt than anything pink and pretty- so I have to say I’m loving having a little princess (who’s probably the first in our family as my sister and I were more the shorts and t’shirt types too). But for Tully, if it doesn’t have a swishy shirt she isn’t even going to entertain the throughout of wearing it!

Her favourite activity is her weekly ballet class and she gets all dressed up in a sparkly dress and her ballet shoes- ready to spend 30 minutes in full princess regalia. Dancing class is attached to a play centre though so we need to take a change of clothes so the dancing outfit doesn’t get trashed.

When Tully and I spotted the Bobble Art Glitter Ballerina Dance Case in the hands of her little friend Willow- we were sold! I contacted our friends over at Bobble Art and they sent one over for us to try out.

Bobble Art dancing case

It’s the perfect size to fit a change of clothes and shoes in it- plus it has little pockets around the outside to store accessories, hair clips and all sorts of things. Tully loves it- she strides into dancing class carrying it and showing everyone she sees her, “Dancing case”. It’s so cute.

The Bobble Art Glitter Ballerina Dance Case retails for $39.95 and you can purchase it at www.bobbleart.com.au


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