A day on the farm {in boots}!

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My 2 year old hates shoes- she won’t keep them on for any longer than she has to- does anyone else have this problem? She has a few pairs and she takes them off all the time.

Over the ANZAC Day long weekend we went away to Wollongong for a family holiday- it’s nice to get away from Sydney for a while and it gives us a chance to spend time together. With two teenagers and a toddler life gets pretty busy so it’s nice to unwind and relax.

One of our activities while we were there was to visit the Symbio Wildlife Park (have you been there? It’s great!) Anyway- of course the toddler wouldn’t wear any of the six pairs of shoes that were floating around in the back of the car! “NO!, No green/spotty shoes, NO sandals, NO gumboots!!!”  I finally won her over with her new boots from Kids Leather Shoes– they are super cute and, as a bonus, they are nice and fluffy on the inside. This is important for me because she won’t wear socks either! So at least I know they are nice and comfy, even without socks. We got the tan ones but now I want a pair in every colour!!!

Once we finally got the shoes on and headed in she has a fantastic time! The boots got put through their paces as we trekked through muddy fields to feed kangaroos and say hi to the horses.

I’ve given them a good spray with scotch guard and they come up nicely, they are really easy to keep clean and I like that they can be worn with a lot of different outfits. Now I’m off to get the pink ones…

As a special for our readers Kids Leather Shoes is giving you a super deal. Use the code STUFFMUMSLIKE at checkout and get your pair of full leather boots for $24.95! www.kidsleathershoes.com.au 

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2 thoughts on “A day on the farm {in boots}!

  1. Kylie

    Symbio is a great little zoo, we visit there a bit throughout the year. I also have a little one who would prefer to walk around in now shoes even in this cold weather.

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