Dear Diary… my daughter thinks I’m a man!


Dear diary…

Now , I am a brunette- a woman with dark hair, I am Caucasian and was born in New Zealand. However, at times I have been asked if I am Italian- and no doubt those have been the times I have been in between eyebrow waxing, with the boarders of my eyebrows sporting stray hairs creeping dangerously close to my actual hair line.

It’s been this way all my life, hair maintenance has been an annoying task I have to keep on top of more than I’d like to admit. The older I get, the darker my hair seems to grow, and the more odd places I discover it .

In my motherhood years (a total of three so far) I have found the hair on my top lip (c’mon we’ve all got it) has been getting somewhat darker and is what I like to refer as ‘the lady mo’.

Now I’m not saying I sport scary wispy long hairs you see on elderly ladies who have well and truly let nature take it’s course, BUT every now and then I use hair removal cream to zap those little stray suckers away in fear one day someone might notice it as much as I do!

Being a mum, I pretty much have no shame when it comes to personal stuff… My daughter has witnessed me shave my legs, sit on the toilet, she’s seen all my wobbly bits, heard me fluff… And well, you get the picture.


One morning last week, I was doing my upper lip hair removal,cream on, pottering around the house …when my three year old ran up to me and said, “Mummy look like daddy! Mummy having a shave before work?”

I was mortified that somehow my once accepting daughter, who never muttered a word about my embarrassing preening routines, was now calling me a man. Needless to say, I never waited for the cream to work that morning- makeup, perfume and jewellery were put on in protest of my daughter thinking I looked like her father- aka a MAN.

The next day, hubby was having a shave and I overheard miss 3 saying to him, “Daddy! Mummy shave face like you! Mummy put cream on her face too!”

Right then, I died a little inside, my husband has seen me do many things, but lip hair removal was one of the only secrets I had left to keep some sort of mystery in our marriage!

I never did fess up to him, I just laughed it off, glared at miss 3 and now vow to keep some things private away from little beady eyes and big mouths!

When I’m not waxing my top lip, toddler wrangling or hiding things from my husband I’m creating pretty pieces over at, so pop over for a visit! 


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