Dinner at Bazaar at QT

IMG_8008While we were on the Gold Coast we had the opportunity to eat dinner at Bazaar, at the QT Hotel- and it was AMAZING! (Yes I’m a dessert person so I had to start this with a pic of their dessert bar!)

Bazaar at QT is buffet style but with a twist- it is designed like a series of street food stalls, with different themes and culinary treats. When we walked in the first stall was this amazing paella, pulled beef, steaks cooked to request, pork belly, pan roasted vegetables and a range of delicious stews.

IMG_7971Next up was the pizza bar- you could take your choice of pizza slices or order a whole pizza for yourself (Tahrin leapt at that opportunity!). the pizzas were divine, with a super thin base and yummy toppings.


Then we move on to the cheese! Platters of cheese and fruit and crackers- ready for sampling. Perfect for pre dinner, after dinner, or just because you feel like some cheese…IMG_7976As we moved along there was the salad bar- every style salad you can think of- pasta, potato, watermelon, green salads, sweet potato- the works!


But wait- there’s more! Check out the Asian street food stall with steaming woks full of curries, bowls of spicy sauces and dishes of rice.

IMG_7986And then… wait for it… DESSERT! Check out the dessert pics below- they had an ice-cream sundae bar (Tully nearly collapsed with excitement) and spectacular displays of cakes, macarons, dessert pots, pies and more!

Ice cream Sundae bar

IMG_7969 IMG_7965Not only was the food beyond amazing put the staff were fantastic. A special shoutout to our waiter Charlie, for whom nothing was too much trouble- including toddlers climbing under the table, spilt drinks, ice cream induced melt downs and a teenage boy who has six courses! Everything was handled with nothing but friendliness and patience and by the end I was ready to take Charlie home as our new ‘manny’. I’m sure he would have loved to take on the role.

Despite the fact that it has the feel of a five star restaurant the Bazaar at QT was so family friendly and accommodating, which makes it easy to take the family out for dinner, without the stress of an unwelcoming staff.

So if you’re on the Gold Coast for a holiday or if you’re lucky enough to call the Gold Coast home, make sure you head down to the Bazaar at QT!



*Stuff Mums Like dined as guests of Bazaar at QT


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