Dirty washing with Omo Ultimate and Bathroom facts with Jif Easy Lift.


Let’s talk dirty. Dirty Washing and all things cleaning.

I have three messy (toilet training) toddlers one with a clothing change obsession and a husband who’s a builder with a gym and fishing obsession. They are messy. They are dirty and I’m not the most enthusiastic cleaner in the world..

I roughly do 3 loads of washing a day. Sometimes I wish they invented disposable paper outfits for the kids and other days I don’t mind if it’s a “nudie rudie day”… Anything to save my sanity.

It’s safe to say I’ve tried a lot of washing products and to be honest I normally just purchase what’s on special or what the husband brings home when I run out.

The lovely people at OMO suggested we try their new range to make sure it’s up to our extremely high standards. Being such a good doer I put my hand up to give the OMO ULTIMATE a whirl….

With three sets of sticky fingers and our curtains they need washed a lot. The builder arrives home looking like he crawled home through a hole in the ground and then expects squeaky clean clothing to jump into his wardrobe. Let’s not even talk about the 6000 tutus, dinosaur tee shirts and sets of Elsa dresses that get thrown into the mix.

I put the OMO ULTIMATE to the test.
With claims of 20 washes to the 1litre and “actively lifting” stains that have been dried in for 48hrs I expected to be impressed.

1st test: Washing the curtains.
Result: No pre treating or soaking required. Came off the line sparkly clean with that lovely “just washed” aroma. Whites looking as good as new.
Overall Score: 10/10 what more can you ask for – look at them happily hanging in the sun. It’s like laundry porn!


2nd Test: The dirty builders clothing.
I did pretreat a suspicious “kebab like chilli” sauce stain by pouring a drop over it (Chilli sauce is not an easy stain to remove if you are familiar with such delicious foods). It was clear to see that the stain was being worked on instantly. I then chucked in the machine with the rest of the dirty builder clothes.
Result: Suspicious “kebab like chilli” sauce stain removed. Builders clothing no longer dirty. The real winner here was seeing the now clean builder sniff his shirt and smile before putting it on. He didn’t know I was looking but I’m sure it was a smile of appreciation and a few “my wife is amazing lets get her that new car thoughts”… Overall score: 9/10.
Full marks not given as no washing liquid will remove concrete or get me a new car.


3rd Test: Hand Washing the million dollar ballet outfits that don’t get worn to ballet. I do this A LOT.
A serious perk of my job at Stuff Mums Like is I get a lot of beautiful clothing for my girls that I would not be able to afford. To show their gratitude the girls feel the need to wear these outfits in the chicken coop, roll in the grass and attend various parks in outfits that cost more than my car.
Hand Washing can also be called “losing a layer of my skin” as I find the powders harsh. But the OMO ULTIMATE surprising passed the skin test and was very gentle. I only had to add 1/3 of a cap and soak for 1/2 hr to bring the million dollar outfits back to life. Overall score: 10/10 it really brought life back to a few tutus.


I loathe cleaning the bathroom. I’m not going to pretend cleaning it is a strength of mine. I can’t believe I’m even writing about it I hate it that much. However I’ve been using the JIF EASY LIFT for a few weeks now and I can tell you some EXCITING facts:

Fact 1.
Showers are not that hard to clean. It’s really just a spray and wipe if you keep on top of it. The JIF EASY LIFT Who knew!!!

Fact 2.
Your bathroom will SMELL NICE if you use a quality product like JIF EASY LIFT Bleach smells are SO last year.

Fact 3.
A few squirts around the bathroom and a wipe with the JIF EASY LIFT will trick your husband into thinking you actually cleaned for hours.

Fact 4.
You can see your face in my shiny sink. LOOK at it!!

Fact 5.
The JIF EASY LIFT seems to last forever. I’m still going through my first spray. Sprays are also more cost effective as you only use what you need.


Overall I must say I am very impressed and the OMO ULTIMATE and the JIF EASY LIFT BATHROOM are now part of my shopping list. Why shop around when you find a new love right?

OMO ULTIMATE and JIF EASY LIFT BATHROOM are both available to purchase in all leading supermarkets. www.unilever.com.au

We are giving away $30 worth of OMO and Jif- to win tell us your best cleaning hack!


All product for this review was kindly provided by OMO & JIF. All opinions and review photos belong to Stuffmumslike. I used a top loader machine in my review.

19 thoughts on “Dirty washing with Omo Ultimate and Bathroom facts with Jif Easy Lift.

  1. Lisa

    I use denture cleaning tablets to throughly clean the inside of drink bottles. Goodbye floating and funky weird bottle smells!

  2. Nicola Pengilly

    I keep a bottle of shower cleaning spray next to both our showers and get the kids to spray the surfaces once they have finished showering!

  3. Sonia Chang

    I use OMO in warm water for soaking dirty clothes and socks before filling in washing machine. The result very good. I also love to mix white vinegar and bicarbonate soda cleaning my sink and bathroom.

  4. Mary Preston

    Place a bowl of diluted vinegar (1 cup water to 2 Tablespoons vinegar) in the microwave & set the timer for 5 minutes. The steam & vinegar do all the work. Just wipe clean with a paper towel.

  5. Rachel K

    Add eucalyptus oil to you mop bucket, it not only cleans even the toughest grime but also sends a beautiful aroma through your home!

  6. Amanda

    Rub chalk over greasy or oily clothing stains and wash as usual. The chalk will absorb the grease allowing regular detergent to remove the stain! (I swear by this one)

  7. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    I don’t drink the stuff but Coke-a-cola is an awesome toilet cleaner! Pour it in and let it soak, flush and then sparkling toilet. Great for grease stained driveways too! I also use budget baby wipes to wipe down walls, wipe down the toilet, bathroom sink etc

  8. Amanda P

    Do you have trouble removing cobwebs from high ceilings in your heritage home? To dust cornices & get rid of unwanted cobwebs insert a feather or fluffy duster into the end of a dried bamboo stick or other long pole & tape on with strong tape, also works for re-painting ceilings & walls with a paint roller!!

  9. Lisa J

    Line-dry your clothes. Not only do you save money on dryers and the clothes smell like fresh air, but UV light in sunshine fades stains.

  10. Fran

    after cleaning my shower I wipe it over with a light coat of car polish and polish dry..soap and water just roll off and I can get a bit extra time inbetween cleans..

  11. Jennifer T

    When doing a load of washing allow the water to fill then push the stop button add a cap of Omo and then leave for an hour to soak them restart washing clothes come out looking amazing and smelling so fresh


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