DIY Easter Hat


Ah yes, the time is has come around again to get sorted for your kid’s Easter Hat Parade!

Let’s face it, as busy mums, finding the time to create a spectacular Easter hat for our kids can be somewhat stressful and is usually left to the last minute (or is that just me?).

Luckily we’ve got you covered with a quick and cost effective Easter Fascinator that will be sure to dazzle and delight your little bunnies this year!

What you will need

Small plastic Easter basket

Coloured Pipe cleaners

Pom Poms

Plastic headband

Coloured foam Easter eggs

Coloured Easter chickens

Raffia (for the grass)


Hot glue gun

Easter Hat

How to make it

Step 1. Heat your glue gun, and apply a blob at the bottom of the basket to secure your headband.

Step 2. Weave a strip of felt between the basket gaps and wrap around the headband to ensure it stays put. Secure in place with more hot glue

Easter hat

Step 3. Prop your headband up using a box or books to lean on and cover the bottom of the basket with a rectangle of felt. Glue in place. (This is to stop the paper ‘grass’ falling out the bottom)

Step 4. Gently pull the ribbon loops from the bottom of your foam Easter eggs to create a hole to push your pipe cleaners into. Wind each pipe cleaner around your finger and release to create a ‘spring’. Push a foam egg onto each.

Easter Hat

Step 5. Secure your pipe cleaner springs to your basket by simply winding and twisting the ends through the gaps.

Step 6. Next, glue your fluffy chickens around the edge of the basket

Step 7. Glue Pom poms around the front, sides and back of the basket in a scattered pattern

Step 8. (Optional) Be a big kid and try your Easter Fascinator on in the privacy of your home. Giggle and snap a secret selfie for your own amusement!

Easter Hut


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