Do you have Australia’s Top Dog?

Bravecto Top Dog Katrina Warren

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We know we have a lot of pet lovers here so this one is for you guys! We have partnered with paralysis tick and flea treatment, Bravecto, and Dr Katrina Warren, to bring you the ultimate puppy prize pack!

 Pets play a huge part in many homes. They become part of the family and they bring a special kind of love. Sometimes though there are dogs that bring so much to a family for so many reasons- they may be guide dogs, companion dogs, they may bring love after the loss of a close family member. There are some dogs that bring joy and love into a house that may have none.

With this in mind we are helping Bravecto and Dr Katrina on their ‘Aussie Smart Dog Search’, but it’s not just the cutest dogs we are looking for, or the ones that can do a good trick- what we want is those dogs that really make a change in the world. We are looking for those special dogs!

Dr Katrina  Riley with Bravecto chew

We have a year’s supply of Bravecto (four packs valued at $240) for our five favourite stories about your top dog. Tell us your stories (and feel free to share a picture) and we will choose five winners to take home a Bravecto pack to keep your dog safe from paralysis ticks and fleas.

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Share your stories and photos in the comments below

(T&Cs- open to Australian residents over 18 only. This is a game of skill. Winners chosen by Stuff Mums Like and judge’s decision is final. Competition closes Sunday 1st May at 11pm)

Bravecto AUS range shot

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13 thoughts on “Do you have Australia’s Top Dog?

  1. Rebecca

    We do my 8 year old little girl ella has service dog,Harry he ,keeps her safe calm and happy ,most of all alerts is to issues when we are sleep or busy he is a lifeline and has changed ella life and ours beyond words.he is most gentle beauitful boy with an amZing sixth sense .he gives ella quality of life and allow us to go out safely.

  2. vee

    my cavoodle thinks hes human, when you walk him he walks on 2 legs just like us, When a ambulance siren goes he makes the siren noise to, Hes a great contribution to our family, sometimes we say only if he could talk. Tyson (dog) gets a bath he knows he runs into the bedroom on the bed rolls over plays dead. Hes part of our day to day life.

  3. Kirsty

    My dog helped me through depression, even at my worst she was there for me and did not judge me – only offered me unconditional love. It is true what they say – dogs really are man’s best friend and the best therapy that money can’t buy.

  4. Kirsten W

    My dog never comes home drunk. My dog never tells me I need to diet. My dog is always happy to see me. My dog is my top dog and perfect man!

  5. Veta Lazaridis

    My great dane cross mastiff puppy (8 months)
    uses her paws to knock on the back sliding door whenever she needs something such as food, to
    fix her blanket on her bed. She knocks 3 times
    then waits. She waits a little bit then if I don’t respond straight away she will repeat the 3 knocks again until I arrive.

  6. Sharon Markwell

    Poppy is a rescue dog and how anyone could treat her badly is beyond belief as she is the most loving perfect critter on this planet and she has made our lives a joy every single minute. I protect her with Bravecto.

  7. Bec

    My son’s autism assistance dog Katie is not a SmartPup for no reason!. Katie was placed with my son Jonathan in August, 2014 by SmartPups Autism Assistance dogs to alleviate anxiety and reduce and interrupt meltdowns. What an absolute lifesaver. Katie senses imminent meltdowns and can interrupt and distract so that a meltdown is avoided altogether. Not only that but I also have a severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Katie is able to retrieve objects for me and when my pain levels are high and tolerance low or I’m not well she also senses this and sticks close to my side. Since having her placed in our family Katie has also been approved to work alongside me as my assistant dog. I don’t know how Katie does it but she certainly makes the world a better place for both my son & I. Thank you Katie <3

  8. Katre

    My dog Bella has been with me for 12 years, she is beautiful, happy and gives the best cuddles. Shes not only my best friend but my sons best friend to. Here she is lying on the lounge all snuggled up waiting for my son to join her and watch a movie.

  9. Charlotte S

    Ziggy came to us when my beloved childhood dog died… I was bereft and felt like I would never be happy again. But despite being rescued from the pound in shocking condition (he weighed 12kg and now weighs 26kg!!!!) Ziggy has always brought life, love and laughter into my life. He sits with me when I’m sick, guards us ferociously against intruders (like the postman bringing parcels!! oops!) and cries when I’m in the shower because he doesn’t like to be parted even by a door. I love him!

    The picture is a before & after showing his transformation from street dog to super fly suburban pet!

  10. sarah Ellwood

    This is Brutus and he’s truly my best friend. He loves to follow his humans around, to sit next to me while I read, to warm up the bed of a morning. Brutus has been by my side while I recovered from my second open heart surgery, keeping me from being lonely through the long days. He has a great, funny personality and I couldn’t imagine not coming home to his wagging tail.


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