Drinking our Milk with Fangks


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Because I extended breastfed until Tully was two, she has never been that keen on regular milk. She will drink it sometimes but I do have to be aware of making sure she gets enough dairy in her diet. I’ve never been keen on milk additives because I don’t want to fill her full of sugar- so I was excited when we found Fangks.

Fangks is a milk flavouring that is sweetened with Natvia and has no artificial flavours or colours. Fangks is also free of gluten, nuts, eggs, wheat and yeast and it is GMO free- so there’s no hidden nasties.

Dieticians recommend that kids between 1-8 years old have between 1.5- 2 serves of dairy every day. A serve of dairy is one cup of milk, 2 slices of cheese or ¾ cup of yoghurt.


You can use Fangks to help encourage the kids to eat all sorts of things!

Try mixing Fangks and milk with a splash of vanilla essence and freezing in iceblock molds to create a delicious frozen treat that they won’t even know is good for them.

Blend two frozen bananas with two tablespoons of Fangks Chocolate mix and a splash of milk for a delicious, healthy ice cream. They won’t even know they just ate bananas.

When making cupcakes, replace the sugar with ½ cup of Strawberry Fangks. Then they will be sugar free and strawberry flavoured.

Fangks come is both strawberry and chocolate flavour.  The chocolate Fangks is available nationally in Woolworths and Coles, while the strawberry is available at independent supermarkets such as IGA. To find out more visit www.fangks.com.au






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