Dyson Review- DC50 Allergy vs V6 Absolute

Dyson review

When the lovely people at Dyson asked us to review two models Maraya and I had a arm wrestle over who would do which one.  Obviously I won as I’ve never tried a Dyson. It was like all my Christmas came at once. TWO Dyson’s in my home felt like I had just won the lotto and maybe just made two new BFFs! After some serious road testing my Dyson review is ready to go…

I road tested the Dyson V6 Absolute– which is a stick vacuum, and the Dyson DC50 Allergy, which is a stand up vacuum.

I have 3 kids under 5 a builder husband and two chickens. I need a DYSON in my life badly.

I decided to review these looking at key features and what makes them special in my view. I chucked in a bit of Dyson science and a bit of dirt for free. #youarewelcome

Dyson review

Vacuuming Floorboards:

I have 2 types of floor boards in my house. Old original feature and Laminated.

The super V6 Is great for floor boardsI love that Its so light and I can just whizz around every room.  It’s a smooth glide around. We have an open plan layout and it’s great to not even think of restrictions.  No cord. No stress. It’s the little luxuries like this that count. I swap to the nozzle to do skirting boards and edges.  Stick the radio on and it’s a workout with a Dyson.

The DC50 Allergy is a bigger vacuum so it covers more floor space it also has a larger filter.  It’s equipped with Latest Ball™ technology; basically a fancy ball system for easy steering around the home making turning and gliding around very easy. It’s a little heavier than the V6 but still feels light and compact.  It also gets close to the edges of the floors which is useful.

Vacuuming Carpets

I HATE carpet I can feel the dust breeding in it.  However once I read up on Dyson I feel that little bit cleaner every time I run it up the hall. Even the air feels cleaner.  It’s what makes Dyson stand out from the crowd and until you own one you will never understand how true this is.

You could call it a dirty secret –  I love looking at the dust/dirt after a vacuum.  Knowing it’s all gone gives great peace of mind.  It also questions the germs and dirt my kids trample home. I mean some of that dirt is seriously not from earth.  The V6 has a secret formula – a HEPA filtration which captures particles. Go and google what 0.3 microns looks like. My V6 is sucking up ALL those suckers.

The V6 has a range of accessories to click on to air sure you can vacuum over your carpet nicely. It’s accessories mean you can cover every single floor type.

The DC50 Allergy was designed for sorting out dusty carpets. With its extra power, advanced cleaner head technology which basically means it automatically adjusts to the surface it’s running over meant there was seriously  not a bit of dust or dirt resting safe. If you suffer from OCD or have anyone allergies in your home then this is the vacuum for you.  It also has a fancy thing called 2 Tier Radial Cyclone. This basically means there’s a heap of science going on making the suction more powerful to grab the dirt and dust and take it out of your home.  It’s the queen of clean!

Both the V6 and the DC50 allergy are easy to empty. With one click all the dust and dirt just comes out. With the clear bagless system it’s also extra satisfying seeing what’s been sucked up.


Vacuuming Tiles and Lino

We only have small areas of both in our home.  The entrance with tiles which is always dirty and the laundry which is always forgotten.

The V6 glides and sucks up easily over both these surfaces.  I did change accessories to suit and I love that there’s no cord to battle in the laundry.

The DC 50 allergy seemed to vacuum up dirt didn’t even see on the tiles and handled the Lino easily. It’s compact enough to slip into small spaces.

Check out my dust porn picture.  See how much crap the Dyson sucks up.  Even when you think it looks clean it’s really not!



I was informed by Maraya we had to SHARE the Dysons. One for her. One for me.  I’ve had to make some pretty tough decisions in my life but this was a hard one. After lots of weeping I decided to make a list..

In one corner I have the zippy V6 and in the other I have the faithful DC50 Allergy. So with no science talk I’m reasoning which one to keep.

The Dyson V6 – let’s call her Vera

Vera is super light and has a cool accessory pack to cover all floor bases. It also has this awesome wall pack which means you can return your V6 back to the same spot to charge.  No cord is genuinely the best thing ever.

I have had people ask me about the battery life. It’s always worked well for me.  If my battery dies I just pop the kettle on and use it as a cake break excuse. I vacuum twice a day for about 10/15 minutes non stop and it never runs out.

Other handy ways you can use Vera:

My name is Lynsey and I vacuum the walls with Vera. I mean while your doing the floors you might as well do the walls…

I have twin girls. Girls love glitter.  Vera loves removing glitter every single day. Glitter goes everywhere and I’m often found on my hands and knees trying to blast it out of my home.

I’m also known for nipping outside giving the cubby house a vacuum when no ones looking. I also have no excuse for a gross car with Vera the perks of no cord are endless.

The cordless system and the added power max button that gives that extra kick really makes it a top of the league vacuum.
The Dyson DC50 Allergy – let’s call him Derek 

Derek was invented by a woman. A mother I would guess.  One that had toddlers and spent half her week under beds and finding crap.

Being a dust freak I love vacuuming areas like the inside of the wardrobes and under beds – I don’t have much time for cleaning but at least when it’s done it’s done right. You don’t realise how much dirt and dust is collected until Derek shows you. If anyone in your family has allergies you will truly appreciate how hard Derek works to make the air cleaner.  Knowing that the filtration system is the best and that the floors are really clean is so satisfying.  If you checked out my junk picture of what I vacuumed up you will understand.

The 6.8 m cord length for getting around my home also meant less power point changes. After carrying Derek up the 36 steps it takes to get to my front door I can also verify he’s light and easy to carry.

I don’t have pets that sleep inside but I can see how awesome Derek would be for pet owners.

Who did I pick? Vera or Derek?


Well in the end I couldn’t decide so I let Maraya. She picked the Derek the DC50 Allergy as she has asthma, kids with eczema and a ginger cat.  Her home needs the Derek and I have to admit that Vera has fitted in nicely into my home and maybe even my heart.  I write this on holiday we go to Blueys beach every year. This year we brought Vera!

To pick the perfect Dyson for your home visit www.dyson.com.au
*Both the the V6 and DC50 have been given to Stuffmumslike for review purposes. All views, science talk and images are my own apart from the Professial product images – I borrowed them from Dyson.

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