EASTER Pretzel Nests


It’s EASTER and it’s a time of year that we have lots of catch ups and little parties to attend. We have an easy “bring a plate” solution that the whole family will love!

With this simple & quick recipe you can go as crazy as you like with the chocolate or go “less is more” it’s up to you!

You will need:
250g pretzels
200g cooking chocolate
Mini eggs or topping of choice.
Patty cups x12

Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute, mix in the pretzels into the bowl and smash them down into the chocolate to break them up.
Tip: If you want to limit the sugar then just reduce amount of chocolate by half and the pretzels will be slightly covered in chocolate. 100g of chocolate is just enough to help them stick together.

Place patty cups into a cupcake tray and then spoon mixture into the cups.

Press in mini eggs to suit. You can also add in little chicks or cupcake toppers.

Store in a cool dry place for at least 30 minutes until chocolate sets.

Decorate and serve for added fun!


My decorations come from a Kmart Easter Egg Hunt pack ($4).

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