Easy Camping Dinners

4 easy Camping Dinners that can be cooked on the BBQ

Easy Camping Dinners

We love camping! We go away 2-3 times a year with a group of families and it’s so much fun! The kids get to run around the campground unsupervised and the adults get to relax. The one thing that can be made harder at camping can be cooking dinners. Not all campgrounds have a well equipped camp kitchen so I wanted to share four easy camping dinners that can be cooked on the BBQ. We are going one up here from the basic sausages but all these meals just need a BBQ!

4 easy camping dinners that can be cooked on the BBQ

Lamb Souvlaki Wraps

 souvlaki wraps


Woolworths COOK Butterflied Lamb Shoulder – Greek Style

Woolworths Greek Style Salad Kit

Flat bread



Put the lamb on the BBQ and cook for 90 minutes (turning occasionally) 

Slice into strips when cooked.

Spread Tzatziki on the flat bread, put on some lamb strips and Greek Salad, wrap and eat!

easy camping dinners - souvlaki wraps

Mango and Sweet Chilli Chicken and Salad

 mango chicken


Woolworths Bonless Butterflied Chicken with Mango and Sweet Chili marinade

Woolworths Tangy, Crunchy Coleslaw Kit

Woolworths Pane Di Casa


Cook the chicken on the BBQ for about 60 minutes, turning occasionally

Slice into strips when cooked and serve with slaw and fresh bread.

easy camping dinners - mango chicken

Sweet Chilli Lime Chicken Wraps

 sweet chilli chicken wraps


Woolworths COOK Sweet Chili Lime Kebabs

Woolworths Tangy, Crunchy Coleslaw Kit

Woolworths Wraps (white or wholemeal)


Cook the kebabs on the BBQ for about 30 minutes, turning them regularly

Combine them with Coleslaw on the wraps.

easy camping dinners - sweet chilli chicken wraps

Thai Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad


Woolworths Simply Stir-fry Thai Style Beef

Woolworths Thai Style Salad Kit


Cook the beef for about 15 minutes on the BBQ

Add to the salad and then add the salad dressing and crispy shallots

easy camping dinners - Thai Beef Salad

These four easy camping dinners came in at a total cost of $75 and feed two adults and two children. 

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