Elf on the Shelf- a starter guide to Christmas fun!


This post is for those of you that have vaguely heard of Elf on the Shelf and spend your December not quite sure of what to make of everyone’s facebook feed. So what exactly is Elf on the Shelf? And how do you get one? And once you have one, what are you supposed to do with it? Well here’s everything you need to know in one handy post…

What is an Elf on the Shelf anyway?

Elf on the Shelf is an elf sent from Santa in December to make sure the kids are behaving in the lead up to Christmas. Traditionally he arrives on the 1st December and every night he flies back to Santa to report on how the children have behaved.

Now, the elf is magic so the children MUST NOT TOUCH! If he is touched he loses his magic and can’t fly back to Santa. Some parents flout this rule and allow the Elf to be touched- but not on my watch! The only time he can be touched in this house is on Christmas Eve, because Santa picks him up on his way through. This gives the kids some touching time and a chance to say good-bye.

If you purchase an official Elf on the Shelf you can choose a girl or a boy, with dark skin or light skin, and they come with the official story, outlining their lives with Santa, their mission and the no touching rule.

So why are the Elves exhibiting strange behaviours in all the photos?

So when the Elves return from seeing Santa, they often get up to some mischief! Maybe they are drawing minions on your bananas or playing games with the toys. Maybe your one is a little more risque and is having sleepovers with Barbie. Or maybe yours is low key and just sits in a different spot every day. It’s entirely up to you and your level of commitment.

I have to think of 24 Elf activities? Where do I even start?

Don’t worry, there is loads of inspiration out there. Check out Elf on the Shelf Ideas on Pinterest. There are loads. There are also a number of Elf on the Shelf facebook groups and if you have friends that do it they can share ideas too. At the end of this article, there are a number of ideas as well.

How does my elf arrive?

Some people like to make a big splash when the elf arrives, he might bring gifts such as a Christmas DVD, Christmas books, PJs or what is known as a ‘1st December box’ amongst the Christmas enthusiasts. These boxes contain Christmas prep related gifts to do during December to get ready for Christmas. You elf might arrive by fairy door, parachute in or ride a sleigh in. Or maybe he just appears one day. The level you go to is all up to you.

Where do I buy my Elf?

There are a number of Elf retailers. You can get them through Myer, eBay and smaller online shops. They average around $40-$60 and come with the book. If you feel that’s way out of your budget you can also buy ‘fake elves’ online. They look pretty similar but they don’t come with the box or the book. To start with you can visit their official website www.elfontheshelf.com

Do I need the same number of Elves as I have children?

Totally up to you! You can have one elf per house or one per child. Two elves together can be fun for activities but one is more than enough!

A few other tips and tricks for you

Your elf doesn’t come with bendable arms and legs. People run an ‘Elf Hospital’ to insert wire in them as it makes them much easier to play with. you can give it a go yourself as well. If you’re in a local mother’s group on facebook there is usually someone there offering to do it for people.

You can get a DVD that explains the story (different to the book) called An Elf’s Story. You can usually pick them up for around $10 from Kmart, Target or online.

There are a massive number of accessories and companions available now for Elves. Everything from outfits to pets to books of ideas. $2 shops and Kmart are great, inexpensive places to find cheap props for your elves.

Elf Ideas

All our pho6os in this post are thanks to the super talented Alana over at @HemmyTwinkle to give you an idea of what you can do with your elf. See below for even more.

Just remember- it’s supposed to be fun!!!


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